Sun Sign Scorpio

Scorpios possess a determination that’s hard to match, as well as strong intuition and impeccable reasoning abilities that seldom fail them.

Scorpio Sun Sign Dates

People born between October 23rd and November 21st fall under the Scorpio zodiac sun sign dates, and they are known for their intense and passionate nature. 

Sun sign Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, planets which represent sexuality, desire, intimacy, power and dominance. Scorpios tend to be powerful yet deeply emotional people that get down to the core of issues, regardless of what others think of their actions. Their relentless pursuit of what they believe in can sometimes prove destructive as well.

Scorpios experience everything deeply, including jealousy. This stems from their belief that their determination and intelligence entitle them to anything they desire. When it comes to love and relationships, Scorpios seek something deeper than just casual flings. They prefer true emotional intimacy that leads to healing in intimate life relationships.

Secretive at first, once they get to know you better they become loyal and devoted friends. Like their namesake animal they possess cunning, mysterious allure that often deceives others into thinking something else is happening.  They are adept at reading people like a book, and are masters of manipulation in the zodiac.

Scorpios tend to be determined in what they want, yet can sometimes act impulsively and immaturely. To gain better control, Scorpios need to learn how to take time for themselves.  They should spend some alone time, and identify what their true feelings are in order to have better control. They’re known for holding grudges, so it’s also essential for them to find healthy ways of venting pent-up emotions.


Scorpios can be loyal in relationships and once they pledge their allegiance to someone they will defend them fiercely. Additionally, their Machiavellian approach to love makes it challenging for them to trust people easily.  Once in love, they may do whatever is in their power to keep the person they like. Unfortunately, their secretive nature makes trust difficult.  Their possessive tendencies could potentially become controlling in relationships if left unmanaged.

Scorpios tend to form powerful romantic bonds when partnered with another Scorpio. Furthermore, their deep understanding allows for effective communication in both work and intimate relationships. Unfortunately, however, Scorpios can be stubborn at times, which could lead to communication breakdowns. Their tendency to hold grudges from past hurts could further strain relationships.

Scorpios tend to gravitate towards things that are dark and morbid in their personal lives, being attracted by serial killers or other criminals that explore this realm of life.  However, Scorpios can also be extremely compassionate towards people suffering, making them excellent friends or support networks for those in need.


Professionally, Scorpios tend to be very analytical and strategic. This can make them adept in fields like investigative journalism, law enforcement and financial planning.  Medicine and dentistry should be considered, as they can quickly isolate root causes of diseases for treatment purposes.

Scorpios possess an individual work ethic that allows them to focus solely on completing each task at hand. They use failure as motivation to push even further towards success, and have an extremely strong loyalty to employers and colleagues. While Scorpios can often work well together, their solitary tasks make them ideal candidates for careers such as research, psychology, or engineering.

Individuals with intense personalities tend to possess an insatiable curiosity and excel as problem solvers. Furthermore, they’re adept at controlling their feelings. They are good at discussing topics others would find private, such as sexuality or fertility.

Scorpios understand the significance of power and its potential, making them ideal candidates for roles in government, financial markets or property development. Their intuitive abilities allow them to uncover truth in business negotiations quickly.

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