Butterfly Spirit Animal


When your butterfly spirit animal enters your life, they encourage you to be lighthearted. Furthermore, their symbolism represents transformation in many forms; be it changing perspectives, lifestyle choices, or physical attributes. Additionally, your spirit guide offers advice for handling change creatively so that you can celebrate its transformation! Origin In many cultures, the Butterfly symbolizes …

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Eagle Spirit Animal

When an eagle spirit animal shows up in your life, it’s a sure sign that you have the strength and self-belief necessary to achieve great things. With their help, this spiritual guide enables you to achieve all your goals through hard work. People with this totem tend to be very goal-driven. They enjoy setting and …

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Dolphin Spirit Animal

Dolphin spirit animal.

Today, the Dolphin spirit animal has arrived to assist you with riding out the waves of change more smoothly. He encourages you to use your intelligence in solving issues. People with this totem tend to be playful, curious and intellectual individuals with strong social skills, who understand how to create harmony and equilibrium within nature. Dolphin …

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Horse Spirit Animal

Horse spirit animal.

If you identify with this symbolism, your personality traits tend to include being bold and determined, taking on any challenge with determination, until there’s personal growth involved. People with this totem tend to achieve their goals more quickly as they possess great stamina and are known for being very telepathic, knowing what their partners need …

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Elephant Spirit Animal

When an elephant spirit animal enters your life, it encourages strong connections with family and friends, while teaching the importance of compassion and loyalty. When your power animal speaks with you, whether through words, images, feelings or intuition, take note. Honor its message however it manifests. Origin As one of the largest land mammals on …

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Tiger Spirit Animal

Tigers are symbols of strength and courage. If this spirit animal appears in your life, it encourages you to face challenges head on and pursue goals with determination. When an animal comes into your life, follow your intuition and pay attention to any signs that appear, these may provide clues as to its message. Origin …

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Bear Spirit Animal

brown bear

Seeing the Bear spirit animal in your life could be an indication that it’s time for you to take better care of yourself, while at the same time providing protection for those you care about. The Bear is associated with both shamans and women across many cultures, and is seen as an animal totem with …

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Fox Spirit Animal


If the Fox is your spirit animal, it’s an indicator of your power to adapt and change. Like this cunning creature, you too have the capacity to deflect threats by employing your intelligence and intuition to navigate dangerous conditions with ease. Attracting this spirit animal encourages you to adapt and overcome unexpected changes by moving …

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Deer Spirit Animal

White tail deer.

If Deer are your Spirit Animals, they can help reconnect you to nature and embrace its healing energy, while indicating that new opportunities may soon present themselves. People with Deer as their Power Animal can face challenges with grace and use their gentle strength to overcome obstacles. They possess keen observational skills as well as …

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Owl Spirit Animal

An Owl spirit animal provide guidance in distinguishing truth from falsehood. When this power animal appears, it’s time to open your listening skills and tap deep intuition. Your energy is deeply connected to yin energy, giving you an incredible intuitive ability. You listen more than speak and can quickly get to the heart of any …

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