Chinese Zodiac Influence On Feng Shui

Feng shui uses the five Chinese elements and their harmonious arrangement to promote good luck in our homes. Each energy zone (known as bagua) is activated by placing objects that correlate to one of these five elements at specific spots within your house.

Chinese astrology uses five elements to explain interactions among people and events, with each year, day, and hour governed by an element. According to tradition, this interaction between them can foretell important trends or potential conflicts or growth areas.


To understand the history of feng shui, we must travel back in time to ancient China. This ancient practice, dating back over 3,000 years, was initially developed to create harmonious living environments. Feng shui, which translates to “wind and water,” sought to understand and harness the invisible energies that surround us, influencing our well-being and fortune.

Chinese astrology, deeply rooted in the belief that our lives are influenced by cosmic forces, is an integral part of feng shui. Unlike Western astrology, which primarily focuses on the zodiac signs, Chinese astrology revolves around the concept of the Chinese zodiac, consisting of twelve animal signs. Each animal represents a specific year in a twelve-year cycle and is associated with an element: wood, fire, earth, metal, or water. 

The five elements of Chinese astrology play a crucial role in feng shui. These elements, also known as Wu Xing, are believed to shape our personalities, behaviors, and interactions with the world. Understanding their influence is key to achieving balance and harmony in feng shui practices. 


Feng shui, the practice incorporating elements into your home environment to achieve balance and harmony, uses Chinese astrology’s five elements.  Wood, Fire, Earth Metal and Water provide balance and harmony within living environments. Each one possesses its own special energy, which influences each zodiac sign corresponding to it, and can help you live your best life!

Fire symbolizes passion and inspiration, encouraging us to take risks to achieve our goals. Furthermore, its vitality and creativity help build your confidence when approaching work tasks.

Fire is supported by both wood and metal elements, so it is beneficial to include some objects from these categories into your home decor. However, too much of one element can compromise others.  For example, too much red in a room full of metallic shapes could overpower its calming effects and block out water’s influence altogether.

Your home can benefit from activating the Fire element by placing a fireplace, lamp with red shades, or red artwork into it. A warm climate in your home also encourages this energy, as does using colors with fire-related associations in both decor and wardrobe.


The earth element represents stability, practicality, and nurturing qualities. People born under the earth element are often characterized as reliable, down-to-earth, and trustworthy. Just like the earth provides a solid foundation, individuals with this element are known for their grounded nature and their ability to offer support and guidance to others. The earth element is associated with the digestive system and is believed to govern physical health and well-being.

The earth element symbolizes grounding and equilibrium, essential ingredients of wellbeing. Additionally, fertility and growth are represented by its fertility symbolism.  You can bring its energy into your space through brown, tan, and yellow decor, as well as actual earthy items such as plants or rocks.

Earth energy can help you feel grounded by things in your life, connecting to what matters. To activate the element’s potential, add decor that represents what matters and promotes self-care.  

Relationship-wise, the earth element is associated with partnerships and love, helping you feel supported by family and friends. To activate this element in feng shui, consider adding decor that has round shapes like shelves or coffee tables with rounded edges.  Brown wood furniture or floors are great ways to bring earth elements into your home environment.

The Earth element is activated by wood and metal elements and nurtured by water energy. Furthermore, its growth can also be stimulated by improving your home’s center by adding floor plants, wooden furniture or rounder-shaped rugs.


Feng shui’s metal element is associated with productivity, simplicity, and organization, as well as creating clarity out of chaos. Harnessing its energy can help you become more efficient and productive with new opportunities opening up to you. Neutral colors such as white or gray are often associated with this element and should be used where productivity needs to be prioritized in the home.  Metallic decor items like silver picture frames, bronze vases or gold drawer handles may add additional boost the metal energy in a room. Mirrors may attract additional chi to further boost its effects!

Metal is an element associated with strength, discipline, and precision. Individuals influenced by the metal element are often described as ambitious, determined, and detail-oriented. They possess a strong sense of self-discipline and are known for their ability to focus on their goals. The metal element is also linked to the lungs and respiratory system, symbolizing the necessity of clarity and order in one’s life. Those with the metal element tend to have a keen eye for aesthetics and appreciate beauty and elegance. 

Metal people tend to be mentally acute, so taking time out to relax and recharge is important for their mental wellbeing. Volunteer work provides a wonderful outlet to express softer sides or express spiritual beliefs while meditation or prayer provide ways for connecting spiritually. With their tendency for overthinking, metal people must practice mindfulness and self-care in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed.


Water, the symbol of life itself, represents feminine energy that has the capacity to nourish, cleanse, cure, refresh, transform and grow. Water also holds wisdom and clarity which can bring good fortune into the home, as decor featuring water features can bring luck in terms of wealth and fortune.  Its soothing energy can even help improve relationships while reducing emotional turmoil.

Water is a versatile element associated with wisdom, adaptability, and intuition. People influenced by the water element are often described as calm, intuitive, and empathetic. They possess the ability to navigate through life’s challenges with ease and adapt to different situations effortlessly. The water element is linked to the kidneys, representing the flow of emotions and the importance of balance and harmony. Those with the water element tend to have a deep understanding of their own emotions and the emotions of others. 

When considering ways to increase water energy in a room, think about what makes the space feel abundant and prosperous. A small fountain or aquarium could add this feeling.  Also consider water theme pictures and blue fabrics.


Wood is a dynamic element associated with growth, expansion, and flexibility. Individuals born under the wood element are often characterized as ambitious, optimistic, and adaptable. They possess the ability to initiate change, just like a tree grows and expands. The wood element is linked to the liver, representing vitality and the ability to plan and strategize. Those influenced by the wood element tend to be creative thinkers and possess the drive to achieve their goals. 

To enhance the wood energy in your home, opt for natural colors like grays and whites, as these promote peace and relaxation. It is also suggested to introduce plants that blend in well with wood’s color scheme. Houseplants such as ficus trees and rubber plants work particularly well. Finally, it would be wise to avoid placing metal objects near any wood furniture or decorations that will compromise its energy.

If you’re experiencing rapid expansion, wood can help keep the energy flowing freely, yet it is crucial that it is balanced with other elements, in order to prevent you from burning out or collapsing altogether.

The addition of wood elements can activate your family and legacy area of the bagua. This helps build a solid base from which to grow both wealth and careers, as well as creating an uplifting home environment.

Chinese elements have an enormous effect on every aspect of our lives, from our interpersonal interactions to how we navigate the world. By adopting this ancient system of understanding, you can help create a balanced and harmonious living environment for yourself, your family, and community members alike.

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