Dolphin Spirit Animal

Today, the Dolphin spirit animal has arrived to assist you with riding out the waves of change more smoothly. He encourages you to use your intelligence in solving issues.

People with this totem tend to be playful, curious and intellectual individuals with strong social skills, who understand how to create harmony and equilibrium within nature.

Dolphin symbolism reminds us to enjoy life’s simple pleasures without taking ourselves too seriously! Don’t overthink yourself!


The Dolphin Spirit Animal symbolizes communication and reminds us to remain playful. When this spirit guide appears, it’s an indicator that it’s time for clearer communication.  Consider words, thoughts, visuals or subtle signs from spirit, while making subtle messages easier to receive. Furthermore, its iconic ability to swim from darkness back into sunlight represents rebirth, which is symbolic for you also.

Dolphins are peaceful animals that strive to put others before themselves, evidenced in their generosity. Dolphins also tend to be very social creatures who love spending time in pods.  This helps balance our minds and bodies, by reconnecting us to our inner child through play and laughter.

Dolphins act as great ocean protectors, ensuring healthy habitats remain. Sailors would often spot dolphins swimming near their ships, which is why sailors considered them good luck signs.

Dolphin represents peace, sociability and generosity, qualities you’re likely to embody as your spirit animal. Being a natural leader means easily connecting with people. 


Dolphins are symbols of harmony and balance.  They serve as reminders to tune into subtle signals around you, and be mindful of the power of the ocean. Dolphins have long been seen as natural healers who provide comfort to all marine life and humans alike.  Those with dolphins as totems know how to be playful, while being open about expressing emotions freely.  Furthermore, dolphins provide comfort by aiding those in need.  They never turn a blind eye or turn away those seeking assistance!

When this animal makes itself known, it’s time to evaluate your communication skills both with others and with yourself. Dolphins are known for their telepathy.  Similar techniques could allow you to “swim through” another person’s energy field in order to better comprehend them.  This is an invaluable asset when building relationships.

As dolphins are highly social animals, when this totem appears in your life it could be an indication that it is time to find your own pod.  That can mean joining a support group, or finding people with similar interests and values. A positive community that allows you to become the best version of yourself is essential.


Dolphins are known for their playful behavior and can provide inspiration and advice in your daily life. As this marine mammal reminds you, everything that you learn in life should be seen as a gift. 

People with the dolphin power animal possess an intuitive knowledge of creating harmony and balance in their lives, effectively navigating two worlds at the same time, and showing love and kindness towards those they encounter.

Dolphins in your life or dream can be an indicator that it’s time for changes, as well as being an indicator that it may be time to strengthen spiritual ties more strongly.

Alternatively, dolphin symbolism suggests it might be time for you to meet new people and take time out from your busy schedule.  You should unwind and recharge your batteries before getting back on track with your goals. 


Dolphins are often seen as protectors, helping those trapped in the water.  Furthermore, dolphins are thought to have the ability to communicate with other species as well. Dolphins serve as powerful symbols of community spirit with strong links to the ocean itself.

The dolphin spirit animal is often associated with renewal and rebirth. If this animal appears in your life, it indicates a significant shift in your perspective on life, providing courage to embrace new paradigms.

People with dolphin totem poles tend to be playful, curious, intelligent, kind, and cooperative. They possess a natural sense of humor and enjoy all that life has to offer them. Furthermore, they’re compassionate individuals that understand all pieces are vital components in creating a larger whole.

Dolphin spirit individuals excel at finding balance and harmony in life, have an intuitive grasp of transcendence, and can live gracefully. People with this spirit animal have great compassion for all sentient beings, as well as being skilled communicators.

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