Sun Sign Leo

Leos are ruled by the Sun and their sign is represented by the Lion. Born leaders who thrive under pressure and enjoy receiving compliments, Leos often see themselves as taking charge of family, relationships or work teams they lead.

Leo Sun Sign Dates

Those born under the Leo zodiac sign, with their birthdays falling between July 23rd and August 22nd, possess a vibrant and charismatic nature that sets them apart from the crowd.  People born under this star sign tend to believe they are at the center of everything, which may seem annoying at times.  However, most other people seem content to allow them their moment in the spotlight.

They are known for their outgoing and confident nature. Ruled by the element of fire, they possess an innate passion and enthusiasm that radiates from within. Leos are natural-born leaders, often taking charge of situations and inspiring others to follow their lead. Their strong sense of self empowers them to pursue their dreams and ambitions with unwavering determination. 

Leos are warmhearted and generous people, but they still require feeling special from time to time. Venus in Leo is said to make these individuals particularly confident in romantic pursuits. Leos can become quite stubborn if their needs aren’t fulfilled. Therefore, it is important for them to learn when it is best to compromise or fight for what is owed them.

Leos can have fiery tempers, yet quickly find themselves calm again. While impatient with small-mindedness or disloyalty from others, Leos are usually kind and generous leaders with passionately upheld principles, who stand by them with passionate fervor.


Leos value romantic relationships that are full of passion and excitement, where each partner puts forth their best effort in public. Leos take their ego seriously and may become upset if someone treats them unfairly or takes advantage of them.

Sun sign Leos, like their animal symbol the lion, are fiercely protective of those they hold dear. When Leos enter into relationships, they become intensely committed, and make lasting commitments to relationships or routines.

If they don’t receive enough adoration and affection from their partner, they may search elsewhere to satisfy that need. Even if it means hurting their relationship in some way, such as flirting or engaging in activities outside the relationship.

Leos tend to select partners who are confident and ambitious, so they tend to get along well with someone from the fire sign family. Other chart factors, such as Moon signs, can also influence compatibility issues in relationships.

Leos tend to get along well with other fiery signs, particularly if they can find the balance between being fierce and kind-hearted. You’ll have someone there for support, but they won’t forget your mistakes either.


Leos take great satisfaction from their work, and take great pleasure in seeing other people appreciate and praise their efforts. This trait makes them ideal candidates for careers that involve public recognition. Leos also tend to be natural leaders who can thrive as managers and even become entrepreneurs with their own ventures.

Motivational speaking may also be suitable for Leos, as this sign thrives on encouraging and inspiring others. They prefer jobs which challenge them intellectually over those that depend on someone else for authority or decision making purposes.

As born entertainers and fashion designers with an impeccable sense of style, those born under this sun sign excel in entertainment based industries such as fashion and glamour. Additionally, their creative nature may draw them towards art related jobs such as design or architecture projects.

Leos can be fiercely protective of those closest to them, often jealous if others receive praise and acknowledgment ahead of them. Therefore, it is crucial that Leos make time for both themselves and their loved ones in order to recharge and rejuvenate.

Leos may appear confident at first glance, yet they require constant reassurance of their love and value from those around them. Unfortunately this can lead them into being self-centered. Therefore, they should be wary not to overstep the mark and forget that life does not revolve around them! 

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