Third Eye Chakra

Third eye chakra (also known as Ajna) represents spiritual wisdom and subconscious forces. It can assist with clairvoyance, prophecy and dream interpretation.

Meditation, yoga and chanting can all help unblock and balance this chakra. Aromatherapy with essential oils can also be useful. Sun gazing may also open it, though caution must be exercised as prolonged exposure may result in photosensitivity.


The sixth chakra, commonly referred to as the third eye, resides between your eyebrows. It serves as the source of clairvoyance and intuition and connects you to your inner guidance system within yourself.  When activated, this chakra helps you trust your intuition while gathering wisdom from life experiences.

The third eye chakra is closely linked with your pineal gland, a small structure located within your brain tissue that produces and secretes melatonin as a sleep hormone. Furthermore, this chakra is connected with both your eye iris and retina containing neurons connected to your visual cortex.

Chakras (meaning “wheels”) in Sanskrit refers to energy centers within our bodies that regulate both physical and emotional well-being. When these whirlpools of energy become imbalanced or blocked, this can result in various physical or psychological ailments.

There are thousands of energy channels, known as nadis, which transport prana (energy). Ida and Pingala are two primary nadis that transport prana throughout the body. On either side of the spine they represent opposite qualities like masculinity/femininity/light/dark and activity/rest polarities that interweave to form Shushumna channel resting along spine like interlocking gears.


Hindu chakra systems include seven major energy points known as chakras, with three being especially significant to higher intuition. It links our physical world with spiritual perception, providing access to higher knowledge beyond our senses. When this chakra is balanced and functioning optimally, you can rely on your intuition for daily decisions with confidence and clarity.

Ajna is widely believed to be the bridge between individual consciousness and cosmic existence, so when awakened it allows one to transcend duality by seeing inner as well as outer world clearly, leading to trusting wisdom-driven living for their highest good and purpose.

To restore balance to your third eye, consider adding meditation and breathing techniques into your daily routine. Alternate nostril breathing or bumble bee breathing are effective ways of clearing away mental clutter and connecting with the energy of the third eye. Reading new perspectives on life also can provide valuable insight and intuition about self.

Spend time outdoors. Nature provides an effective way to restore balance to your third eye, which is heavily affected by light.


When your Third Eye chakra is open and healthy, you are aware of your surroundings and inner world, with an immediate sense of purpose.  You will also trust intuition and higher guidance, are attuned with yourself intuitively, and have faith in the guidance from within yourself. 

However, when this chakra becomes blocked or imbalanced you can experience feelings of disorientation as it disconnects with inner Self. You may experience difficulty thinking clearly, or emotional outbursts that affect how you experience life overall.

Yoga offers many techniques for balancing the Third Eye, such as alternate nostril and bumble bee breathing to calm and focus the mind.  Visualization exercises mahy assist in opening your Third Eye up more to spiritual energies.

Spending time in nature can also help balance your Third Eye. Since light is associated with it, taking advantage of natural sunlight will make you feel more connected and balanced. Journaling, reading new books, or practicing mindfulness are other effective ways to promote an increase in energy in your Third Eye.

Essential oils can also help heal and enhance meditation by soothing the Third Eye and aiding relaxation. You can apply these to the skin but make sure to dilute with carrier oils prior to application, as some essential oils may cause photosensitivity. Some popular choices for healing and meditation include lavender, peppermint, and chamomile essential oils.


The triangle at the center of this chakra symbol stands for awakening consciousness, reminding us that every physical manifestation first started as a thought or feeling before the Universe sent additional thoughts that resonated with its vibration and made physical reality possible.

This chakra symbol represents an infinite universe and akasha, or universal etheric energy, while at the same time signaling our ability to see beyond this current moment and into future possibilities.

This chakra is connected with the pineal gland, an important spiritual center across many civilizations and one which governs both your intuition and imagination. If it becomes imbalanced, you could find yourself having difficulty trusting your gut instinct or connecting with inner guidance.

Indigo and light are associated with this chakra, and you can stimulate it with meditation and yoga asanas that increase its flow, such as Savangasana (meditative headstand). Savangasana helps activate this energy center by strengthening pituitary and pineal gland functioning, while improving focus and concentration to more clearly perceive life around us. Furthermore, practicing Hakini Mudra can further bolster this chakra’s impactful effects.

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