Akashic Records

The Akashic Records serve as an energetic search engine for your soul, recording all events, thoughts, words and emotions which have ever occurred across time and space.  This includes any lifetimes you lived during your existence, as well as those lived by other souls.

Numerous authors have explored the concept of Akashic records, such as Edgar Cayce, Theosophist Blavatsky and modern physicist Ervin Laszlo.


The Akashic Records, more commonly referred to as the Book of Life, are an untold reservoir of all that has ever happened to an individual throughout their existence. Access is gained by means of various spiritual processes and prayers such as meditation or connecting with spirit guides.  Their information can help with divination, healing and discovering life purpose.  Extreme care must be taken when accessing them; some data may be withheld if a person trying to access it is unprepared to handle it.

Modern Aakhshic Records were popularized by Europeans exposed to Asian philosophy and religion such as Hinduism and Buddhism during the 1800s. Helena Blavatsky, a well-known Theosophist and occultist claimed she first learned of these records from Tibetan monks who taught her psychic powers such as clairvoyance. Additionally, these monks provided instruction in understanding karma. Akashic records are believed to exist somewhere within space ether, the fifth element in our universe.

Many people believe that Akashic Records contain information about every soul’s journey throughout this and previous lifetimes; from events, decisions, emotions and their effects to any energetic or karmic baggage that has resulted from these experiences. Furthermore, many believe the Akashic records also offer guidance for future paths taken by their owners.

Apart from personal information contained within an Akashic record, it’s also possible to read about other souls or groups of souls. A reading may reveal past and present relationships of the group as well as potential future developments for all members involved.  This can be an invaluable tool when trying to gain a better understanding of personal and professional dynamics.

Searching the akashic record requires setting aside both time and place for it, without trying to obtain answers immediately. Rushing or trying for instantaneous answers will most likely block your connection to the sacred energy field that contains these records, so creating a safe and grounded environment before beginning is also vital.  Start by visualizing a protective shield of light.  Engaging in grounding techniques, such as meditation or prayer, are effective ways of doing this. Furthermore, remember to trust in both intuition and inner guidance during your sessions.


The Akashic Record is an archive that stores the thoughts, words, and emotions experienced by every soul throughout their existence. This data is stored across different planes in the universe including astral and mental planes.  Some clairvoyants claim they can access these records which contain every aspect of a soul’s history.

The Akashic Records can provide profound personal truth and empowerment. By working with them, you can explore past and present life experiences, relationships, and potential guidance for the future. However, keep in mind that this should not be seen as fortune telling.  Always use caution when consulting the records.

Before exploring the Akashic Records, it’s essential to create a safe space through grounding techniques, visualizations and aligning with higher guides. Furthermore, clearing away emotional or energetic baggage will enable you to get the most out of this experience.

When accessing the Akashic Records, it’s essential to communicate what you want from it. For instance, if you wish to learn more about past lives or healing in general, make sure that this request is included during your session. You might receive answers in form of images, music or feelings.

One key aspect of working with the Akashic Records is to realize you are never alone.  Supportive beings will always be there to aid in your journey.  Teachers, mentors, friends or family members may come forward in physical form, while spiritual communities and online forums offer additional support as well.

Remembering the Akashic Records as sacred spaces is of utmost importance when working with them, so keep your thoughts positive and loving when working with them. Negative emotions such as doubt, cynicism and frustration could derail results and compromise the process itself.


The Akashic Records are energetic databases containing every soul’s experience since first manifesting into physical form. Think of them like an energetic Google Search for yourself, because anyone has access to their own records, as well as those of others.  This information may provide insight into why certain behaviors, patterns or issues persist.  This information also provides a different viewpoint when viewing relationships between friends, family and lovers from a higher vantage point. 

When engaging with Akashic Records, it’s essential to establish a safe space and have questions ready that need answers before asking permission.  This way, you get more out of what the experience can bring during each encounter!

Psalm 139 refers to the Akashic Record as the “book of life”, while clairvoyants such as Edgar Cayce have popularized its use. Many believe that accessing these records is open to everyone, no psychic skills or special gifts required! For optimal results, it’s recommended to consult with an akashic practitioner whom you trust.

An Akashic Record session can help transform negative energy into healing and support, often offering suggestions for new ways of being. It may also reveal relationships from past lifetimes which no longer serve your best interests, the source of spiritual journey hurdles, or obstacles preventing progress.


The Akashic Records are believed to be an energetic archive that stores every aspect of our soul’s journey through time, including thoughts, words and actions that we encode into this high-dimensional ether. Accessing this metaphysical library requires focused intention and an open mindset.  The information found there often provides guidance, healing, insight or healing benefits.

Your Akashic records can be discovered without having to be read by an expert psychic.  Simply meditating and asking for what information you require will do the trick. Some may see animal guides in this process. Once identified, these spiritual guides can assist in finding what information best fits you.

As you work with the Akashic records, you may experience many visuals. Additionally, sounds or music may play as you feel vibrations, and some even smell or taste something to convey messages.

Oft times, information in the Akashic records will be presented in an easy to comprehend manner. There are various tools you can use to access them such as prayer, meditation or smudging.  Try different approaches until one resonates with you and works best. Once you find something suitable to you, be clear about your expectations when using that approach.  The key to effective Akashic research lies in being concise in what it’s looking for!

Many people struggle to access their Akashic records, but the key to successfully donning yours is remaining open and accepting of whatever information comes your way. Remember also that your records won’t remain fixed at just this moment in time.  Rather, they will continue growing as your awareness does.

An Akashic reading offers you access to an abundance of information ranging from general overviews to specific details.  The topics may range from past lives, relationships, guidance in your current situation, or healing from previous lifetimes.

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