Elephant Spirit Animal

When an elephant spirit animal enters your life, it encourages strong connections with family and friends, while teaching the importance of compassion and loyalty.

When your power animal speaks with you, whether through words, images, feelings or intuition, take note. Honor its message however it manifests.


As one of the largest land mammals on Earth, elephants have long been treated with immense respect and admiration. Elephants represent strength, dignity, power and wisdom, as well as endurance and perseverance due to their huge size. Elephants are gentle giants with powerful intellects. When elephants show up in your life as spirit animals, it may be time to summon that same power in yourself to detach yourself emotionally from past relationships, and make rational decisions moving forward.

Elephants have poor eyesight and so they rely heavily on scent and touch for navigation of their environment, often described as having “a sixth sense.” Elephants also possess very large ears which allow them to detect sounds or movement from far away.  Those who connect strongly with this animal often possess strong emotional empathy skills, as well as having highly developed intuition for self-healing and growth through physical means.

As an Elephant Totem bearer, you are blessed with a powerful presence grounded in love and affection for those close to you.  You are capable of healing past traumas and creating balance within family dynamics. Elephant energy also promotes connection with past generations, and will assist with communicating with ancestors.

Spirit animals like this one provide invaluable help for individuals interested in personal, educational and spiritual development. If this power animal guides your path, you may feel an intuitive urge to teach others and nurture those around you.  Furthermore, strong memories may arise, as well as an urge to connect to ancient knowledge and elder wisdom.

Christian religion associates Elephants with patience, wisdom, grace and temperance.  These are virtues which Elephants embody as symbols of patience, wisdom, grace and temperance. Elephants also symbolize spiritual healing and forgiveness, even when wrong has been committed against them.  Take this message a step further, by forgiving yourself for past mistakes, so you can move forward with a positive outlook.


When an Elephant spirit animal enters your life, it’s a signal to strengthen your ties to family. Like an elephant’s fierce nature and their instinct to defend their herd, you should likewise protect your family.

Just like its cousin the Wolf, Elephant spirit animals possess strong maternal instincts and will go the extra mile to protect their young. Because of this, Elephant totems symbolize loyalty and devotion.  If this power animal serves as your guide, it’s time to honor those relationships most important to you, whether that be family or close friendships.

The Elephant totem reminds us to prioritize self-care during times of hardship, reminding us to step back and relax, so as to achieve equilibrium again. Additionally, spiritual practices may serve as powerful ways for self-care as well.

This gentle creature also helps teach us patience, as it moves slowly through life. If you find yourself becoming frustrated or impatient, take a breath and focus on a positive thought.  This will allow your emotions to settle down, so you can look at things more objectively.

Finally, the Elephant spirit animal reminds you to use your knowledge and experiences for the benefit of others. Just as an elephant’s mother will cool her calf with water, this should encourage you to share the lessons from your experiences with others.

Elephant totems can serve as great teachers for people aspiring to become parents, acting as symbols for the loving and nurturing qualities so essential in parenthood. Elephant totems will encourage patience, understanding, and kindness when dealing with your children.

Significance in Dreams

When Elephant appears in your life, it serves as a reminder to nurture those closest to you, whether this means family members, friends or coworkers. Elephants possess an innate sense of community which manifests itself through their empathic and telepathic capabilities.  These loyal creatures will remain protective over those they care about, even during difficult times.

Dreaming of seeing an Elephant may represent physical strength and power that you possess.  It could also represent emotional resilience. Dreams in which an Elephant attacks you may indicate that someone is trying to force something against your will.  This could include bullying tactics, or someone simply trying to manipulate you into doing their own will.

The color symbolism of an Elephant includes shades from grey to black, representing vast stores of hidden knowledge within her. She meditates upon everything, while following Spirit and ancestral memory as she contemplates all that surrounds her. If an Elephant is your power animal, she encourages you to dig deep within yourself to find hidden treasures.

People with an Elephant spirit animal are endowed with extraordinary strength and endurance, making it easier for them to overcome difficult situations or circumstances that would otherwise overwhelm others. Furthermore, this creature serves as a reminder of the value of kindness, empathy and charity towards those in need.

Elephants are known to be extremely attuned to their surroundings, using their large ears to detect vibrations or changes that take place around them.  This serves as a great symbol of openness. Individuals with this power animal tend to be highly intuitive and sensitive, so it is crucial that you listen closely for their inner voice and respond accordingly to its messages.


Elephant spirit animals represent spiritual healing. By calling upon this power animal, it helps you connect to the Divine, as well as providing information and wisdom on healing your body, mind, emotions and soul. When connecting with this energy source, it’s easier for us to manifest ancient wisdom from within us, or divine messages into our daily lives.

When this spirit animal appears in your life, it reminds you to nurture and support those closest to you. Furthermore, it teaches you the value of tapping into the wisdom of ancestors as an effective source for change.

Elephant totem bearers possess an inborn ability to assist others and are typically recognized for their integrity and reliability, just like leaders with Wolf totem. Like its cousin the Wolf, an Elephant’s totem animal symbolizes loyalty and family unity, as well as an indomitable spirit which cannot easily be crushed.

Animal spirit guides can be invaluable allies during times of familial strife and disagreements. By understanding all sides of a situation and building bridges between conflicting parties, animal spirit guides provide comfort. Furthermore, this animal makes an excellent symbol for those aspiring to pursue careers in academia or scientific fields, as it has an incredible intellect, as well as deep desire to gain knowledge.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed in life, seeing this spirit animal could be a sure sign that it’s time for some much needed self-care. Reconnecting with yourself will make overcoming challenges easier, because this creature offers incredible strength and protection!

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