Amethyst crystals radiate healing vibrations and help you connect to your spiritual side. Also known as “healing tranquilizers”, amethyst stones help relieve mental strain by relaxing the mind to produce a state of subtle awareness.


Amethyst crystals can be found everywhere from Siberia’s frigid corners to Brazil’s humid rainforests. A violet variety of quartz, amethyst can be found in volcanic rocks across the world and used as jewelry or healing stones since their discovery by humans. Leonardo Da Vinci famously credited amethyst with helping relieve psychic attacks and increasing intuition while it also dispels negative energy, helping calm minds as well as relieving insomnia and sugar imbalances.

Ancient Greece revered amethyst as a stone that could provide protection from intoxication, with its beautiful purple shade stretching from palest lilac to rich deep violet and royal hues thought to resemble wine’s color and thus their name for it: amethystos (meaning not intoxicated). The Greeks believed wearing or drinking from an amethyst could keep them clear-headed.

Beyond Greece, amethyst held significance in various cultures. In ancient Rome, it was considered a symbol of royalty and associated with power. It adorned the fingers of bishops and cardinals in the Catholic Church, representing their spiritual authority. Amethyst was also highly prized in medieval Europe and was believed to possess healing properties, protecting against diseases and warding off evil spirits.

Amethyst is closely connected with Pisces and used widely in natural healthcare practices. One of the rare gems to form naturally, amethyst can be mined commercially all around the world with Canada producing some of the highest quality specimens.

Healing Properties

Amethyst is renowned for enhancing spiritual wisdom and instilling inner peace. This crystal can also help treat insomnia, correct sugar imbalances and alleviate headaches.  Some naturopaths claim it boosts hormone production as well as protecting from electromagnetic fields.

Amethyst’s violet, soothing energy is an ideal match for Pisces’ gentle nature and compassion, who often get caught up in people’s problems. By having Amethyst in their possession, Pisces can maintain an effective support network without becoming overwhelmed and too emotionally involved to continue offering support without burning out.

Purple gemstones may provide great assistance to people struggling with chemical dependency issues. Many believe these gemstones act as powerful talismans to help overcome addiction and can even rewire brain pathways so as to eliminate negative impacts associated with drug abuse.

Amethyst can be found throughout the world, with South America holding the greatest deposits. Amethyst is well known for relieving tension and stress. Additionally, its properties may help treat diseases related to the head and neck area, as well as strengthening immunity while lowering blood pressure.  Its benefits extend even to healing bruising faster while improving wound healing process, and even soothing itching or sunburn, all while helping balance hormone levels and strengthening lungs.

How To Cleanse

Amethyst is an extremely relaxing stone, yet like all crystals it can absorb negativity over time and have an adverse impact on its healing and protective properties. Therefore, it is crucial that your amethyst bracelet be cleansed regularly.

Soaking crystals in water is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to cleanse them, whether that means immersing them in a bath, bowl or running them under warm tap water in the sink. Other approaches may include leaving them out in sunlight (though some believe this method may not be powerful enough) or using sound cleansing methods such as vocal toning, singing bowls or smudging.

Smudging can be an efficient method, yet can become messy if you’re cleaning a large number of crystals at once. To use it properly, place the crystals in a bowl with sea salt before lighting a piece of sage or using a smudging stick to waft its smoke over your crystal friends until they are covered with its fragrance, and then store somewhere safe to let the smoke dissipate over time.

One of the easiest and most straightforward approaches is simply running your crystals under cold or tepid water for some time, as this stone has an affinity for clearing away negative energy from our minds and bodies.


Amethyst is well-renowned for its healing properties. A handy stone to have on hand, amethyst can help relieve headaches, reduce stress and anxiety levels, strengthen immunity systems and even ease insomnia and reduce migraine effects. In addition, amethyst may help hearing disorders as well as heal diseases of the head and brain. Furthermore, amethyst’s third eye chakra-stimulating properties encourage intuition, psychic abilities as well as promote selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

An amulet can be an invaluable companion when combined with meditation, as it helps bring clarity of thought and deepened awareness. Furthermore, many believe it to aid decision making, providing access to inner wisdom and strength as the wearer makes choices that serve their own best interests. Pisces born under Uranus’ sign can use it as an extra reminder to embrace change while remaining grounded, and staying open-minded to new possibilities.

Amethyst is widely believed to have the ability to purify one’s aura and eliminate toxins, while emitting far-infrared energy that may help improve circulation, ease pain relief and help impede bacterial growth. Furthermore, amethyst can act as a protective stone against negative energy or geopathic stress.

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