Leos possess an open heart, feeling a strong sense of responsibility towards their friends and family. Furthermore, their dominant presence can often be misconstrued for arrogance.

They enjoy being around people they care about and take steps to ensure they feel welcome and appreciated. Their confidence can sometimes come across as arrogance or egotism.


Leos are fixed signs in the zodiac, meaning that they remain true to their core beliefs over time and tend to stick by them. Ruled by the sun, Leos benefit from self-importance that provides warmth as well. As such, Leos tend to be self-assured individuals who take great pride in being at the center of attention.

Leos enjoy striking up conversations and socializing at events, often being the life of the party! While Leos can quickly make friends due to their generous and charming personalities, they sometimes struggle with keeping these relationships alive as well as deepening them due to feeling uncomfortable, revealing vulnerability in times of hardship, and tending to remain on the surface rather than dive deeper.

Leos are known to possess an inherent talent for leadership and success; one such notable example was Napoleon who used his magnetic personality to draw people toward him wherever he went. Leos are highly ambitious but strive for results without compromise or concession; anything less is unacceptable to them.

Leo constellation has many myths associated with it that symbolize its virtues of bravery, royalty and success. Perhaps most iconic among these stories is that of Pyramus and Thisbe, two lovers whose tragic love affair ended with both ending up committing suicide together.  This can serve as an important lesson to Leos that they need to show emotion, without being afraid of doing so, or they could risk hurting someone close.

Another symbol associated with Leo is the lion, an iconic representation of strength and courage. Many scholars speculate that Leo chose this animal as its symbol due to its strong association with strength and courage.  This may have been  to symbolize its fierce, proud, royal, dominant characteristics that reflect this star sign’s personality. Like their animal counterpart, Leos love being at the center of attention, often trying their hardest to be noticed! If their attention does not come their way, then jealousy or possessiveness could arise; otherwise they remain naturally confident, seductive creatures.


Leos are blessed by the Sun, their ruler, with unbridled energy and confidence that makes them great natural leaders who can inspire and motivate those around them with warmth and passion. Due to this ability, their talents often make them the go-to people for fashion design, events management, PR campaigns, show business work or sports careers.  Moreover, they may even find success as motivational speakers or coaches, teachers, beauty therapists or entrepreneurs.

Leos love being in the limelight and can easily capture attention at social gatherings or parties. Leos can make great entertainers, garnering standing ovations with inspiring speeches, anecdotes or jokes that capture audience interest.

People born under this sign possess a big, generous, compassionate heart. They’re committed to their friends and families and will go the extra mile for them.  However, it is important that they remember that not everyone will reciprocate their generosity.

They have an immense drive to achieve their goals and often succeed. Unfortunately, however, they can sometimes be rigid when making decisions.  Once they make a decision about something it may be difficult for them to change it again; this may pose issues in relationships as well.

Leos tend to be passionate and intense in romantic relationships. While they may fall quickly in love with someone, Leos may struggle with deepening the connection. Furthermore, Leos can become jealous if someone else receives more admiration or attention than them from other sources.

Leos can be over-indulgent and spend more than they can afford, becoming overconfident and arrogant as their bravado and egotism take control. Furthermore, when injured they might not forgive quickly.

Leos can quickly burn out without taking time for rest and rejuvenation, letting their ego get the better of them and leading to bad decisions and reckless behaviors. By controlling their emotions and temperment, they can become truly amazing individuals.


Leos are known for being warm and generous people, always prioritizing those around them. With their natural sense of empathy, Leos tend to be especially kind towards loved ones. Additionally, Leos always stand by their word and never compromise their beliefs.  Because of this characteristic, they make great colleagues who commit fully to any project they start.

Leos are also ruled by the sun, giving them confidence and self-assurance, though this can sometimes come across as arrogance and conceit. Leos tend to be rigid when it comes to setting goals and meeting them, believing they possess all of the answers.

Leos’ royal aura and generous nature makes them irresistible to admirers, who delight in receiving compliments when they look their best. A Leo must possess both an impressive hairstyle and mane.

Family is at the core of everything they do and when it comes to their kids they know just what to do, from lavishing them with attention and affection, to bragging about their parenting prowess, to sharing this news with anyone willing to listen.

Critiques or anyone tarnishing their reputation can be hard for Leos to bear, often leading them to shut down entirely if they feel their honor is being undermined. Their anger could last for months so it’s wiser not to provoke it further.

As their symbol suggests, Leos are powerful and courageous individuals. With an inner lion or queen leading them forward and no obstacle being an impediment to achieving what they set their minds to, these people have no difficulty accomplishing whatever their minds set forth. Their tenacity and regal qualities make them formidable foes; yet their natural optimism enables them to see the bright side in any situation. 

Instead of moaning and grumbling over what’s bad, they prefer revelling in what’s good rather than worrying over it all. Leos are natural-born optimists, capable of seeing positives in even challenging circumstances, and believing in themselves gives them strength that inspires other to follow suit!


Leo natives tend to enjoy being the center of attention and commanding rooms with their confidence, crowd-pleasing intuition, and sense of fun. Leos excel at making others laugh through humor, they know exactly how to tell a good anecdote!

Leos are blessed by the sun’s regal aura to experience an abundance of energy and self-belief that makes them natural leaders. Leos’ natural leadership abilities are compounded with generous, loyal, and warm personalities who cherish family ties.  They’re dedicated to friends and family while taking pride in their roots and history. Shrewd yet resourceful Leos don’t waste their talents.  Instead, they work tirelessly toward meeting their goals no matter what the cost may be, and this makes them true leaders!

Relationally, Leos are confident and playful. Attracted to partners who share their lively energy and their appreciation of dramatic romances. Unfortunately, however, Leos can find it challenging opening up about their emotions which makes developing long-lasting friendships or intimate connections more challenging than expected.

Leos can be extremely competitive. Driven to win, they may enact unethical tactics to achieve their desired goal. Furthermore, Leos are extremely demanding individuals; setting high standards for themselves while forcing these standards upon others often causes tension and friction within relationships.

Leos’ best qualities include their sense of pride, generosity and charisma.  Their flamboyance, sense of style and sense of humor make them stand out from the pack. Unfortunately their worst traits include jealousy, inflexibility and arrogance.  They can sometimes lack understanding when it comes to relationships as they don’t always know how to maintain healthy boundaries with others.

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