Mercury in Libra can bring people together by encouraging partnership and friendships between all kinds. Decision makers take decisions seriously by carefully considering all options before reaching a decision. Narayana Montufar describes these people as being “ultra-diplomatic.”


Libras are lovers of beauty, love and pleasure.  Their October birth sign being governed by Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty. Libras tend to seek harmony in everything they do and make excellent negotiators.  They are considered open minded, yet once their opinion has been formed no one can persuade them from it.  Nietzche, Foucault and Hannah Arendt are examples of Libra suns whose ideas have had significant influences in shaping global understandings of power, morality and justice issues in different parts of the world.

Libras take great pleasure in socializing, especially with someone they truly care for genuinely. They tend to be great at seducing potential partners and flirting, yet can become restrained by relationships that don’t let them express their true selves fully.  Their emotional needs may become neglected, leading them into self-pity that leads them down a downward spiral, becoming dependent on others for validation and attention.

When it comes to romance, they’re all about courtship. They play up their looks to impress their date and can sometimes become overly possessive. While they enjoy romantic games like role-playing and dirty talk, they need someone with intellectual stimulation in order to keep their passion alive.

Libras tend to appreciate balance and fairness, which explains their attraction to partnerships. Libras also find pleasure in tradition and history.  This could explain their preference for older furniture or decor with elegance and gravitas. Libran health issues involve kidneys and lower back issues. Libras should learn more assertive behaviors to combat being taken advantage of by friends or coworkers.

Libras take great inspiration from Themis, the Greek Goddess of Justice and Fairness. Her ability to read minds and hearts of her followers, as well as predict or even understand social dynamics is highly revered among Libras.


Libra stands apart from most zodiac signs by not representing an animal or person as its symbol; rather it represents justice with scales as its representative icon. First mentioned by the Babylonians as a representation of scales, this constellation eventually made its debut among Roman astronomers around 2,000 years ago with their own constellation designation and name: Scales. At first, ancient people saw it as the scales held aloft by Astraeia, the goddess of justice and fairness. Additionally, this constellation is also known by the Arabic term Chelae, which possibly derives from Latin’s term alicornis, meaning unicorn’s horn.

Modern astrology describes Libras as the second air sign, ruled by Venus. Librans tend to think abstractly and with great conviction when making up their minds about an idea or issue. Partners at heart, Libras strive for balance between work and love by marrying early. 

Libras are people ruled by Venus, making them romantic as well. Although Libras can sometimes be self-absorbed and tend toward vanity, they still take great pleasure in pampering themselves by visiting salons or spa centers, or purchasing luxurious items that resonate with them, and want their friends to share in this experience.

Libras have an admiration for luxury and an eye for fashion, yet can be very vulnerable. They’re easily manipulated and susceptible to falling for fake people; yet also possess an acute sense of empathy.  They are good listeners with strong listening skills, who strive to assist those around them. Libras often seek partners who provide security without diminishing their individuality, such as Kim Kardashian, John Mayer or Bruce Springsteen who all exude style and beauty.


Libra is known as the sign of the scales, symbolized by two scales that represent its strong desire for balance and harmony. Librans possess natural diplomatic skills, excelling at mediating disputes due to their innate understanding of everyone’s point of view, while remaining willing to seek compromise solutions. Their naturally charming personalities allow them to form lasting connections quickly with those they encounter.

Libras are known for their fashionable taste and trendiness. Libras also tend to enjoy art and beauty practices such as skincare or color therapy, making them highly aesthetic people who can multitask easily.  

Those who fall under the cardinal air sign tend to be naturally curious about everything around them and always seeking new experiences. Unfortunately, their passion can lead them down an insatiable search for intellectual stimulation, which could leave them feeling left out otherwise.

Libras in love focus on developing intellectual connections with their partners.  This is what truly revs up their libido. While they enjoy flirting, dramatic gestures, and role playing in bed, it’s only intellectual and emotional connections that truly ignite their passions.

However, one of the greatest challenges faced by this zodiac sign is their need to please everyone around them, which may result in overpleasant behavior and a lack of boundaries which could prove counterproductive in the long run.

Learning to set healthy boundaries with friends and family members is essential in order to prevent feelings that their needs aren’t being fulfilled.

Libras tend to get along well with air signs like Gemini and Aquarius, both communicators themselves. They’re also excellent matches with mutable signs such as Virgo and Scorpio.  Unfortunately, they might disagree more frequently with water signs like Cancer and Pisces due to their differences of opinion.


Libras are famous for their exquisite sense of style and aesthetic appreciation. They’re also socially adept and serve as peacemakers, with ideas that pack an intellectual punch.

Libras are known for their balance, harmony and fairness, their scales represent these qualities symbolically. Their greatest strength lies in their ability to connect with people, making everyone feel like their best friend! Libras tend to be diplomatic when necessary, while still knowing when it is appropriate to speak their mind. This makes them hard-headed once their opinions have been formed!

A key trait in the workplace is their desire to please. This trait often leads them into careers such as public relations, fashion or the arts where their natural charm helps maintain peace. Their highly imaginative minds keep work exciting, while inspiring new projects to work on, and challenges to face.

Libras may find themselves weighing the pros and cons of every decision, which can leave them stuck in an inert state of analysis paralysis that hinders them from moving forward with life. Furthermore, their desire to maintain peace may cause them to avoid standing up for themselves more often, and should strive to do just that instead.

Libras are known to form strong and lasting relationships, although they may sometimes be too pragmatic in love.  If a romantic encounter doesn’t feel quite right to them they might call it off before things spiral further out of control. Libra should focus on tuning into their inner voice and following their gut instincts when making decisions based on right or wrong; spiritual practices may help strengthen this voice within.

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