Zodiac Signs


Zodiac signs are used to provide us exceptional insights in our daily life, as well as describe our hidden and revealed personalities and qualities. You can get great knowledge about yourself by studying through your zodiac sign. Zodiac signs generally designate an annual loop of twelve stations towards the position of sun. Astrologists utilize their knowledge and use astronomic observations to determine the movement of night sky for divinatory reasons and justifications.

Different definitions of astrology

  • Zodiac: this word is originated from Greek word Zoidiakos kyklos, which means a cycle of little animals. It presents a cycle of twelve animals with different qualities, temperamental, and bodies. The different aspects of these animals can be found with the knowledge of special subject Astrology.
  • Horoscope: This word is generally representing the words “Time Observer” and “Examine the time”. It is used as a pointer in the cycle of zodiac signs, representing different aspects and things that are going to happen with people belonging to a specific zodiac sign. It holds great importance in Astrology, and involves predictive techniques and ability to see balance of all aspects of a human’s life.
  • Astrology: Astrology is the study of stars, moon and sun. It is based on the fact that Sun, moon, and other planets are all single forces of lives with different characteristics. Astrology provides information that can be used to improve our lives and examine the ways of the entire world.

Each zodiac sign holds a different aspect and your astrological chart is used to determine sun signs and their distinctions, and position of your sign in the house of your unique information chart. Zodiac signs are used to reflect different sides of your inner personalities and experiences. You’re far more than just your zodiac sign which was born under you.

If you have been born within one or two days, when the sun sign change position then you were born near the cusp. Or if you were born within 2 days when a certain zodiac sign change, then consult with your astrologer to examine your true sign. Some people have more highlighted signs and their characteristics, which are basis of time of birth, and place of birth, however your astrologer can give you the right portrait of your character, also he can tell about your future, past, difficulties, and gifts.

In this world everyone is well aware of the fact that astrology is the best technique to determine an individual’s potential, strength and weakness in their perceptive lives. Every zodiac signs are attached with each other; they are mostly used by astrologers to find the love match for you. As astrology believes that people born at certain dates can or cannot be compatible for each other. To compare if you’re compatible with a certain person, your sign characteristics are matched with their sign characteristics in zodiac charts.

There are several zodiac signs with different characteristics, some are listed below:

Fire signs of zodiac

Fire signs hold passionate, temperamental, and dynamic behavior. Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo are included in this category; these signs are exactly what they feel like i.e. fiery and ferocious. They are high temper signs which get angry rapidly but also forgive one with less effort. They hold incredible energy and are adventurers. There featured characteristics are same and they have a kind of dominant and larger-than-life attitude in their personality. Thus they are a source of inspiration for others.

Water signs of zodiac

People who have water signs are dramatically sensitive and emotional. They can hold great secrets and difficult to understands. Scorpio, cancer, and Pisces are zodiac water signs, as it name sounds water signs are constantly wavering and very fluid. They are as mysterious as the deep ocean is. Water sign hold great emotions and care for their loved ones and can do everything for them.

Air signs of zodiac

Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are air signs of zodiac. People connected with air signs have strong strength, and cerebral connection with the world. They are genius kind of people who love to analyze and think about problems. People associated with water signs of zodiac are well known for their fair and just behavior. They love offering advices, and participate in gatherings, discussions, and can be very superficial.

Earth signs of zodiac

Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are earth signs of zodiac. They are trust worthy people who have their feet on the ground and they love this feeling, proud of themselves. Earth signs are known as originators of zodiac signs. They are well known with what they want and whatever takes it to achieve it. They put lots of efforts on acquiring the success they want in their life.

Compatible zodiac signs

There are no sign in zodiac that can be described as incompatible to each other; any two signs can be less or more good for another. However zodiac signs whose are less compatible to one another should be patient and try to give each other chances to continue their relation. On the other hand signs with less compatibility are perfect because their thoughts, wavelength and abilities resembles with each other, they will not need to make any effort for keeping their relation going.

As we described above, four constituents of zodiac signs are:

  • Fire signs of zodiac: Aries, Sagittarius and Leo.
  • Water signs of zodiac: Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.
  • Earth signs of zodiac: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.
  • Air signs of zodiac: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

People that belong to same constituents of zodiac signs are generally highly compatible with each other, and also Air is compatible with Fire to a small extent. However earth is highly compatible with water signs. Potential and attractiveness between two opposing zodiac signs are expected to be incredible. To inspect the love connection between two different signs, a branch of astrology is used known as “Synastry” where two signs are compared to find the results.

Horoscopes are very useful and compatible for those who want to know future, strength, and weakness in their relationships. This will also lead to change yourself and try to understand your partner with a different point of view, thus making relationships better.

What a horoscope can do for you?

During school we learn about certain things such as mathematics, history, geography, languages and arts, but we’re taught much about our individual life. It is very important I today’s life to understand each other, this will led us to a happy and understandable life. In this matter, horoscopes can help you a lot. Although it cannot tell you about your future, but provides with incredible information about yourself.

There may be some aspects and things in your personal live you might don’t know about, psychologists use horoscope to understand and examine to help people who are upset or confused about themselves in their life. Our mood vary from person to person, for instance, you talk to a person very happily and cheeringly, at the same time another person appears and you talk with him in a serious and rude behavior. Why you did this? Answer to these questions can be found in your personality and temperamental which you don’t know.

The insights of moon, sun, and other planets during your birth seem to be different people inside you. A psychologist can tell you about your feelings, how you feel, why you feel and help you a lot with many things about your personality.

Dates of 12 zodiac signs are:

Aries: March 21 to April 19
Taurus: April 20 – May 20
Gemini: May 21 – June 21
Cancer: June 21 – July 22
Leo: July 23 -August 22
Virgo: August 23 – September 22
Libra: September 23 – October 22
Scorpio: October 23 – November 21
Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21
Capricorn: December 22 – January 19
Aquarius: January 20 – February 18
Pisces: February 19 – March 20



Aries is from fire signs as mentioned above, in astrology this sign is regarded as adventurous, outgoing and talkative sign. No matter where you go or how unusual or different it is, from start till now, you can be sure that this sign was here even before you. No matter how difficult, challenging or triumph they undergo, and Aries will always fight like a legend. Many popular sports men are born in this sign, and it is known as the most physical sign.


Taurus comprises cool, attractive and calm people. This sign is considerably different from all other zodiac signs. Taurus tries to stay away from crowd, as they have wealthy reputation for being unique and successful. Their feelings care and desires are much deeper and unique than any other sign.


People with the zodiac sign Gemini are well known as great talkers among other stars. They have huge interests in writing and studying different aspects of world. Gemini’s are geniuses. Gemini temperaments can sometime appear to be detached and mysterious so they are difficult to understand.


People who are born under cancer zodiac sign, ruled by the mysterious moon, are one of the paradoxes. Just like moon is appeared in many shapes and different light all the year, people who are born under cancer sign can go to many phases’ experiences. These characteristic is part of their charm.


The main characteristic of this sign is love and affection for their loved ones. Once Leo is committed into a relation, no matter what type of relation he will sure be loyal and faithful. However Leos can break hearts and leave heartbroken. For Leo when a relationship is finished, it can’t be redeveloped, it is just finished.


Virgo sign is not so much admired by many astrologers and is putted down by so many astrologers and psychologists, because they are seemed to be fussy and narrow minded persons. But when they reflect their shine, there is not any match for their shine in other zodiac signs. Many Virgos can be found in help other industries, ranging from doctors, teachers, welfare work, and other assisting jobs. They can become a threat to any relation when mistreated.


Libra is one of the shining signs from zodiac, they are known in the field of sharing with people. They only feel good if someone cares for them and is always available. Libras deserve to be loved and cared by others. However they run from difficult situations.


Scorpios are powerful, wise, and brave people, it is known as the most powerful sign from all zodiac signs. Even children Scorpios are wise and powerful than their age. They love walking, analyzing, and working to beat anyone on their field.


Originated from the benefit planet Jupiter holds a natural experience of work, and they have love for life and love adventures in their perceptive lives. They are known for their unpredictable behavior and think that everything is possible in this world.


They are life and business achievers, most successful people all over the world are Capricorns. Its sign is represented by mountain goat, which means they want to go up and more up. They hold reasonable and reliable personalities. They want to win the life race because they know the first step is always difficult in a journey.


Aquarius holds innovative and intellectual qualities, they not only have different points of view and thoughts but they do know to wake up unique music as they go along. Many inventors, originators, and businessmen hold this sign.


Who are under Pisces are talented and great human beings. It is the last sign of zodiac which have great qualities. However Pisces are sensitive and receptive people, but their inner world of fantasies can be a mere bolt for the requirements of outer real world.

This was some information about zodiac signs, and summary of characteristics of each sign belonging to different elements of zodiac i.e. water, air, earth, and fire.  They have great importance in one life can be found really helpful when you’re confused or unsatisfied about yourself.