Sun Sign Aquarius

Individuals born under Aquarius tend to possess a visionary character. Living life like an experiment, these individuals dedicate themselves to higher-minded transformative pursuits and aspire to higher minded goals that promote change.

Aquarius Sun Sign Dates

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is represented by the Water Bearer. People born between January 20th and February 18th fall under this sun sign. Aquarius is an air sign, known for its intellectualism, originality, and progressive thinking. Those born under this sign are often seen as visionaries and are driven by a strong desire to make the world a better place. 

Your sun in Aquarius marks you as a social rebel and individualist seeking to break free of social norms. Your unique views are an inspiration to others around you.  You are an innovator who pushes the limits of conventional thinking, an inspiration and true visionary.

Saturn rules Aquarius Sun sign, emphasizing its importance of structure and discipline in your life. You are a hardworking type A when it comes to meeting goals, working tirelessly towards making innovative visions of the future come to fruition. Aquarius sun sign individuals can often be quite competitive (but only for progress).

People born under an Aquarius sun sign tend to be highly intellectual. They want to make changes for the better in the world and tend to be very progressive thinkers.  Yet their ideas may sometimes seem too abstract and outlandish for daily reality.  This is owing to having a Gemini Moon temperament, they often struggle to ground themselves properly in each moment.

Your sun in Aquarius is a system of paradoxes, and now is the time to embrace them and accept what this opportunity brings. Touch the magic within and express it creatively via movement, music, art or fashion, whatever best resonates with you.


Aquarians, as the humanitarian sign of the zodiac, are deeply compassionate toward others’ wellbeing and are drawn to those with similar values. Being community minded people themselves, Aquarians may consider joining book clubs or other groups that share your interests.  Volunteering can also provide great fulfillment, while doing something important for society.

An Aquarian’s characteristics include being curious, observant, intelligent, visionary, forward-thinking and creative.  Sometimes, these qualities are labeled as eccentric. While Aquarians may often come off as distant or shy at first glance, they’re actually independent thinkers who dislike discrimination, intolerance and outdated ways of doing things.

Aquarians tend to form relationships best with those that share the same element (i.e., air signs). But it is essential that all aspects of your birth chart be carefully evaluated in order to see whether there are any unfavorable matches. They may clash with Saturn-ruled Capricorns but this doesn’t preclude an intimate romance if both partners learn to compromise and meet each other halfway.

Aquarians may clash with cardinal water signs like Cancer as their energies differ drastically and they have different temperaments. Unfortunately, Aquarius and Cancer share five different zodiac signs, so their differences could come into conflict unexpectedly. On the plus side, Aquarius could teach Cancer how to be less protective, while Cancer could show them the value of commitment.


As the humanitarian sign of the zodiac, you’re focused on helping others, whether through supporting charity events, campaigning for environmental concerns or working on projects that bring positive change for all involved.

Your desire to see everything fit together seamlessly may lead you down a career path that involves numbers or finances, yet your creative side could find inspiration in aviation, astronomy, history, art or music.

Your independence and creativity are valued, yet due to your tendency for overthinking and disappearing into your own thoughts, you can sometimes seem distant at work. Therefore, it’s essential for you to learn how to be more mindful and connect with people in an appropriate manner.

As an air sign, you tend to work well with similarly lively signs like Geminis and Libras.  Fire signs like Leos and Sagittarians also tend to fit your personality well. Your career ascension may also benefit from having Venus in your chart alongside a strong aspect from progressive Rahu.  This combination will enable you to be an agent of change within your work place, and lead you on to greater success in life.

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