Sagittarius individuals tend to enjoy sharing their life philosophies and perspectives on living with others. Additionally, they’re very generous with both time and money.

They are under the influence of Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance.  They tend to be very curious and are eager to take their passions and ideas further.


Sagittarius zodiac signs are ruled by expansive Jupiter, making them wise travelers with adventurous spirits. Rejecting rules, regulations and constraints for what feels right to them personally, they follow their gut instinct instead. Lady Luck usually provides support despite whatever wild journeys may present themselves to them!

They may find it hard to focus, but once they find something they like they pursue it with passion. Additionally, their positivity radiates around them and spreads positive energy wherever possible. Never content with the status quo, they are always dreaming big things that others might consider impossible or unreasonable.  This person will always chase after what matters to them in life, despite what others might see as unreasonable goals or dreams.

While enthusiasm can be an invaluable asset in the workplace, it can also be detrimental. Mutable employees may change their minds frequently, leaving coworkers uncertain where exactly they stand on an issue.  This can create unnecessary tension in any work environment.

Greek mythology holds that Sagittarius constellation originally represented a centaur, an iconic half-human/half-horse creature equipped with bow and arrow. Over time however, its significance has become connected with Chiron/Cenaurus constellation.

However, scholars such as Eratosthenes assert that Sagittarius actually represents a satyr rather than a centaur. Eratosthenes cites Crotus of Pan and Eupheme’s son who invented archery. After being honored for his service to humanity by Muses, Zeus decided to place him among the stars as a tribute from their worship of him.

Babylonian astrology associated Sagittarius with Nergal, who was depicted as a centaur-like creature who shot arrows from his bow. Nergal was sometimes depicted with two heads, one human and the other panther, to symbolize this sign’s dual nature and sense of adventure. This ancient association speaks volumes about their true nature, they want to explore everything there is out there!


Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is a sign filled with hope and ambition. They thrive when helping others reach their goals.  However, these positive traits often go misunderstood.  Their desire for freedom leaves them unaware of others’ suffering.

They experience life through an innovative lens, and seek to gain knowledge from people who can teach them something about life’s perspectives. They have an insatiable curiosity that drives them to question everything.  Ultimately, they seek truth with a capital T, and travel along their philosophical quest journey with conviction.

Fire-breathing communication styles can be both an asset and liability. Their willingness to express opinions without filtering or considering potential repercussions may come across as overbearing and rude.  However, their open-mindedness and sense of adventure make them lively additions to every party they attend.

Sagittarians look for partners that can match their spontaneous natures and help them view life with new eyes. Their happiness lies with those who encourage their sense of adventure.

Sagittarians make great team players in the workplace. They take on projects with enthusiasm and aren’t intimidated by failure.  Additionally, they adapt quickly to change.

They may struggle with commitment due to their mutable personalities.  These personalities allow them to change perspectives at will, leading them to be unreliable when working with colleagues who expect certain things of them. Furthermore, this may create feelings of resentment if Sagittarians feel they are being told how they should think, or have their thought processes supressed.


Sagittarians are adventurers and free spirits with an insatiable curiosity to learn more about cultures different than their own. Additionally, Sagittarians tend to be very open-minded and nonjudgmental even when discussing controversial subjects! Their positive energy makes them lively partygoers always ready for new adventures!

Sagittarians tend to be adventurous lovers, seeking someone who can keep pace with their impulsive energy and their love of travel and new experiences. Though very loyal, their loyalty often lies with freedom rather than actual people.  They do not tolerate those who try to restrict or force their creativity into molds that do not suit them.

Their personalities tend to be lively, entertaining hosts with a great sense of humor. They can often be outspoken without necessarily going through an official diplomatic channel, which may get them into trouble at times.  However, their strong moral compass keeps them grounded when speaking their truth with integrity.

Mars transiting mutable Sagittarius can create go-getters who are fearless in the face of danger, whether taking risks for money or performing for an audience. Their boldness allows them to be successful as sports stars, coaches and entrepreneurs.  When feeling particularly inspired, they may take trips abroad to expand their understanding of world culture, while meeting interesting new people.


Sagittarians tend to attract friends from many diverse backgrounds. Since they appreciate travel and experiencing new cultures, their social contacts often extend far and wide. Generous and loving, Sagittarians don’t often do a good job keeping in touch with either their friendships or themselves.

Sagittarius partners need someone who understands their sense of humor and adventurer spirit. Sagittarians tend to be quick-witted and enjoy staying one step ahead, so they want someone who can keep pace. Their gung-ho attitude may make them hard to pin down, but once found they tend to commit fully.

As Leos and Aries both possess fire signs, Geminis and Aquarians share similar emotions while offering great dynamism and humor. While earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn might feel too grounded for them, water signs like Cancer or Pisces might bring out their moody side.

Sagittarius gets along well with other mutable signs, particularly Gemini and Libra, due to both being flexible and fun-loving. They share many characteristics in common with one another such as an eagerness for life and interest in exploring new ideas.  However, the two may clash if either becomes overly serious about friendships or relationships.

Sagittarians, with their energetic and free-spirited nature, makes an excellent fit for careers in education, public relations and marketing. Their enthusiastic attitude can easily inspire others, while their ability to build strong relationships can open doors to future business prospects and clients.

Sagittarians may find fulfillment working for humanitarian or charitable organizations, as their strong sense of compassion and respect for others makes them adept at working on animal rights or environmental causes. Spiritual or philosophical pursuits also hold great promise as these signs have an insatiable thirst for truth and justice.  Some are capable of being great public speakers, who can express themselves before large audiences.

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