Sun Sign Cancer

Cancerians, those ruled by the Moon, tend to be kind-hearted individuals who prioritize comfort.  They are homebodies that value family relationships, while showing them just how much they care.

Cancerians tend to be hardworking, dedicated employees. Their sensitivity enables them to cut through any noise and quickly get to the core of any matter.

Cancer Sun Sign Dates

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is associated with individuals born between June 21st and July 22nd. Those born under the Cancer sun sign are known for their emotional depth, nurturing qualities, and strong intuition. 

Cancerians, commonly referred to as “nurturers of the zodiac”, tend to be highly intuitive individuals who experience emotions deeply. Like their crab symbol, Cancers tend to retreat into themselves when stressed. However, they make sure to nurture those they care about, while keeping traditions and being nostalgically inclined.

They possess an instinctual drive for survival, often going the extra mile to protect those they care about. Although typically more introverted, these individuals prefer having close knit groups of friends.

These individuals are often blessed with strong intuition and psychic abilities. Their instincts guide them in making decisions, and they are excellent at reading between the lines, often sensing what others may be feeling or thinking.

Empathic people have an uncanny ability to quickly connect with other people and understand what they’re feeling.  This makes them ideal candidates for careers involving human relationship building. Their intuition allows them to respond instantly when something catches their eye.  They can pick up on what others are experiencing, even if they aren’t revealing it themselves. But their gift for empathy and intuition may become their downfall, when it allows them to become emotional casualties of perceived slights or social grievances.

Cancerians tend to be highly intuitive and sentimental people, prioritizing matters of the home over other tasks. Loyal to their friends and family and compassionate in times of illness or difficulty. Although generally reliable people, cancerians can occasionally suffer digestive distress as well as emotional turmoil that leaves them moody or pessimistic.


Cancerians are highly loyal and committed to their lovers, friends and families. While they may decide to leave relationships if they feel unsafe or secure enough, Cancers always attempt to work things out because their hearts are filled with kindness and generosity for all others around them.

Like their water sign counterparts Pisces, Cancers may often be moody in love due to being guided by their emotions.  These can easily range from excitement and euphoria all the way down to boredom.  Because of these traits, companions may misunderstand them or assume they are unreliable.

Cancers tend to make for good friends, providing each other with support through the emotional highs and lows of life. When something difficult arises in either relationship, the Cancer may cling tighter for support.

Cancers tend to gravitate toward Leo’s charm and fiery energy when seeking serious relationships.  Their fiery energy will inspire Cancers to let go of any fear-based doubts they might harbor, and take risks toward noble pursuits.

Cancers, as earth signs, can find great comfort from being held steady by Virgo partners. Their perceptive and intuitive minds will assist Cancers in understanding the importance of setting limits within relationships, in order to prevent themselves from being hurt by those who do not appreciate them.

Work And Career

Cancerians can be excellent caretakers of plants, pets, friends and themselves (though sometimes too much can happen). Cancerians can sometimes overdo things when nurturing something they deem important. Cancerians understand what family bonding means!

As soon as the Sun enters Cancer, these empathic individuals often show their emotions unabashedly, especially toward those close to them. If they feel mistreated or wounded by anyone, they’ll take every possible measure to seek sympathy from others, and get help and support that they require.

At this time, those with their Sun in Cancer often perform best when allowed the freedom to focus without being distracted too often. They tend to excel at creating productive environments where people feel nurtured, while mentoring those less experienced.

Cancerians make excellent candidates for careers in nursing, housekeeping, hospitality, therapy and counseling, creative arts, social work, interior design and cooking. But it’s essential that they find jobs where they can contribute as members of a team, since their “ideas person” nature makes them great leaders.

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