Pisces are dreamers and idealists at heart, possessing strong intuition which enables them to read sentiments from those around them.

Pisces are guided by both Neptune (an obscure planet of mystery and intuition) and Jupiter (an abundance-inducing force), giving them worldly wisdom with great understanding for compassion and empathy for others.


According to Greek mythology, the story of Pisces revolves around two fish, who played a significant role in saving the life of the Greek god Apollo. The tale begins with the monstrous Typhon, a fearsome creature who sought to overthrow the gods of Mount Olympus. In his pursuit of power, Typhon unleashed chaos and destruction, causing panic among the gods. 

In their desperate attempt to escape Typhon’s wrath, the gods transformed themselves into various animals and sought refuge in the Nile River. It was during this tumultuous time that two fish, known as Aphrodite and Eros, swam alongside each other, tethered by a silver cord. Together, they guided the gods to safety, leading them to the Euphrates River, where they could escape Typhon’s reach.

Impressed by the selflessness and bravery of the two fish, Apollo, the god of the Sun, decided to honor them by placing them among the stars. As a celestial reward, he immortalized the fish by transforming them into the constellation we now know as Pisces.

Pisces are emotional souls in the zodiac. Compassionate, deeply romantic, artistic and deeply empathic; Pisces can also be psychic. Living their own world as opposed to conforming with others can make Pisces unreliable or even self-destructive if left without proper supervision.

Pisces is a sign governed by Jupiter and Neptune, both planets associated with spirituality, mythology and the mystical. Pisces individuals tend to gravitate toward religious practice, meditation and other forms of inner healing, for healing their minds and bodies. Additionally, being mutable means that their personalities change as they age and evolve throughout their lives.  Pisces individuals typically make great artists, musicians or writers due to their creativity as well as intuitive abilities.  Physical and mental healthcare would make excellent career options, as they tend to be very caring individuals.

Pisces can sometimes be difficult to communicate with, as well as keeping secrets due to fear or wanting to avoid hurting those they care for. They also tend to get caught up in drama easily and may experience feelings that make communicating challenging. Therefore, they often opt out and will sometimes ghost, though this may not always be intentional.

Pisces may sometimes get lost in their emotions, but they’re adaptable enough to bounce back quickly from setbacks and be extremely loyal and supportive friends. Pisces tends to blend well with other water signs like Cancer and Scorpio, while being especially compatible with Gemini and Sagittarius signs.


Pisces are dreamers and artists. Deeply compassionate and empathic, Pisces tend to be extremely sensitive. Feelings may sometimes overwhelm them completely.  However, they know when it’s time to come back to reality in order to remain effective friends. Perceptive individuals, Pisces can quickly pick up on others’ energy quickly.

Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac and represents spirituality, dreams, escapism and fantasy. Representing two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces represents compassion and empathy through music, art and poetry. Pisces tends to avoid conflict or confrontation easily.

Pisces tend to gravitate toward spirituality and the arts, yet are also practical individuals. Pisces is a mutable sign, meaning that their minds may shift quickly to adapt to various situations and circumstances. This can also be their weakness, as it causes them to forget about their goals altogether.

When the Sun is in Pisces, those under its influence tend to be kind-hearted individuals with great compassion for others. Their intuition allows them to sense what emotions other people are feeling. Additionally, these people enjoy painting and writing; two forms of artistic expression they enjoy doing when not helping out their fellow human beings! They’re extremely generous, often willing to offer assistance. They are compassionate and often sensitive enough to feel the sufferings of those they care for deeply.

Pisces love being around people and can connect spiritually. Pisces are creative individuals who find beauty in almost everything.  Their keen perceptivity allows them to see the best qualities in others.

Pisces is an inherently romantic sign and makes an excellent partner. Caring, compassionate and imaginative, Pisces loves exploring their inner worlds while sensual encounters are what define their intimate side.


Ruled by Neptune, Pisces tend to be dreamy, imaginative and compassionate individuals with strong empathy skills, often placing themselves in other people’s shoes and feeling their emotions intensely. Unfortunately they’re also susceptible to escapism and may find life’s challenges difficult to bear.

As is true of all waters, Pisces are spiritual forces that exist at depth in liminal spaces. While their adaptable nature allows them to meet changing circumstances with relative ease, their mutable qualities also allow for easily being overcome by emotion. Their intuitive gifts and borderline-psychic intuition help them access emotions, but it is essential that they set limits, so as not to become overly consumed with one emotion at once.

Pisces have an exceptional capacity to understand their surroundings and perceive other’s emotions, making them natural therapists. Pisces also tend to be highly creative individuals who embrace all forms of art (music, film, theatre and poetry) along with nature.  Their creativity flowing freely like water through them, without fear or hesitation.

Pisces stands in stark contrast to practical signs like Taurus, which prefer structure and routine. Instead, Pisces tends to be quite emotional one minute while immediately becoming very rational the next. Their intuition allows them to grasp multiple perspectives at once, allowing them to easily decipher situations from different viewpoints.

Bringing Pisces into your life requires being patient and listening carefully to their stories of hardship, joy and heartbreak. They may support your own ambitions, while their kindness will make them great allies.  However, don’t force them too far out of their comfort zone, as this could leave them vulnerable and feeling uneasy.

Career wise, Pisces tend to thrive in jobs involving travel and creativity. Walker recommends that these sensitive souls maintain a healthy work-life balance by taking time off when necessary and setting healthy emotional boundaries, so as not to get drawn into other people’s problems too easily.


Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This sign is ruled by Neptune (psychic, esoteric and mysticism) and Jupiter (lucky son of gun planet of abundance), both considered powerful forces within their respective fields of expertise. Pisces represents emotional warmth as well as open-hearted generosity when it comes to matters of heart and creativity, often poetic, sentimental, artistic expression!

They are known to possess worldly wisdom with deep compassion for others and an extraordinary capacity for empathy. Unfortunately, this can make setting boundaries difficult, as well as taking on others’ burdens. Therefore, it is crucial for Pisces to practice self-care and get regular rest.

Pisces is a mutable water sign and as such may undergo many different emotional cycles throughout their lives. People born under this sign tend to experience mood swings and their behavior can change depending on who is around.

Pisces tend to be kind, generous and compassionate towards their friends.  However, they may become oversensitive to others’ needs if they do not set limits with themselves and those close to them.  Pisces could easily spiral down into despair and self-pity without setting clear boundaries.

Pisces are creative individuals with an intuitive spirit who thrive when expressed through art, photography, theatre, film, music and writing. Pisces need their imagination for comfort.  Therefore, they often gravitate toward spiritual practices such as Reiki, acupuncture or aromatherapy as ways of self-expression and solace.

Pisces may not excel at handling practical tasks, but they are adept listeners and will be there for their friends whenever needed when it comes to emotional support. While not usually gossipers, Pisces are known for sharing the deepest emotions they hold for others.

Their empathy means they appreciate celebrating the achievements of those they care about and expect them to reciprocate the gesture in return. Unfortunately, however, when it comes to work they can have difficulty setting clear boundaries or distinguishing between work life and their personal life.

Pisces makes for an amazing romantic partner if they can manage their emotions and stay grounded, loving deeply while remaining mysterious, making for an intriguing partnership. Pisces also possess a great sense of adventure and love exploring new places while meeting people.

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