Root Chakra

The Root Chakra, commonly referred to in Sanskrit as Muladhara, is one of seven energy centers which influence health, self-expression and perception of reality. Situated between the perineum and lower spine, its purpose is to help us feel grounded, safe and connected to Earth.

Out-of-whack chakras can lead to feelings of fear and anxiety. Meditation, breathing exercises and yoga poses can all be effective methods for rebalancing this energy center.


The root chakra is the first and foundational chakra in the chakra system. The root chakra provides a solid foundation for all other chakras to function optimally.

Muladhara (root chakra), located at the base of your spine and responsible for feelings of security and grounding, can be represented by a lotus with four petals a color pink or red.  Its name in Sanskrit means “wheel”, as early Hindu concepts of physical body and subtle body existed simultaneously.  The seven chakras absorb and distribute prana (life energy) throughout your body.

An effective Root Chakra will give you a sense of safety, grounding and connection with Mother Earth. However, an overactive Root Chakra could manifest as anxiety about finances, health or relationships as well as low self-esteem or an inability to connect to material world.

To balance your Root Chakra, practice grounding meditation and physical activities that connect to earth. Abhyanga, the ancient yogic technique of self-massage with warm oil, can be particularly helpful in soothing nervous systems, and will especially benefit your Root Chakra.


Root Chakra energy can bring feelings of safety and security. When it’s healthy and balanced, you experience feelings of nurturing from those around you, trust in material aspects such as finances, and trust that when the need arises you’ll be taken care of accordingly.

If the energy from this initial energy center is off balance, you could experience fear and worry regarding work, health, home life and your physical body. An overactive root chakra could also manifest into aggression, paranoia and greed; traits which should never be allowed to go unchecked!

Root Chakra symbols consist of a lotus with four petals, an inward-facing triangle within a square, and its seed mantra LAM lN in its center. According to yoga philosophy, each petal represents mind, intellect, consciousness and ego respectively, while the serpent coiling three and half times around itself represents wisdom, power and dormant Kundalini energy.

Meditation on your root chakra can be a great way to ground yourself. Imagine visualizing a red cord of light connecting from the lower part of your body to Earth’s crystallized core. Another effective grounding exercise involves walking barefoot while paying close attention to floor contact (known as Earthing). Finally, eating meals high in red hues such as meats, beets, potatoes, yams or root veggies may help strengthen this connection between root chakra and food intake.


An effective Root Chakra helps us feel grounded, confident, and secure in daily life. Conversely, an imbalanced or blocked Root chakra can leave us feeling anxious or uncertain of ourselves in everyday situations. To balance out your Root Chakra more successfully you could try one or more of the following stone healing techniques.

Hematite is an ideal stone to use in activating and grounding your Root Chakra, as it strengthens spiritual connections while grounding. Additionally, Hematite crystal is known to boost strength and courage while helping manifest desired goals more quickly in life. Furthermore, Hematite may increase physical energy by stimulating metabolism and fortifying blood.

Moss Agate is an effective stone for balancing your Root Chakra as it strengthens stability, self-confidence and dispells fears, while clearing away emotional blockages, such as childhood trauma, or karmic imprints.

Black Tourmaline is an anti-depression crystal known to clear away blockages and dispel negative energy, so it makes an excellent addition to any Root chakra when experiencing mental or emotional strain. Furthermore, its properties also enhance motivation levels and sense of self-worth.

Lapis Lazuli is a blue stone known for its powerful healing qualities since ancient times, as its ancient use demonstrates. This spiritual stone can help awaken intuition while connecting you to Mother Earth, making it highly effective at balancing Root Chakra energy centers.


At the base of our spine lies the root chakra, responsible for providing security and stability in life. If this energy center becomes unbalanced, it can cause issues with physical health, finances and anxiety. Maintaining its balance may keep you grounded while simultaneously inspiring courage to meet new challenges head-on.

Techniques for balancing the root chakra include practicing grounding meditation and engaging in activities that engage both legs and feet, such as walking in nature, playing sport or gardening. You could also use sound such as chanting a mantra or listening to music.  Each chakra has an associated bija mantra or seed sound such as “lam,” which when repeated can create vibrations that help your body and mind work in tandem more harmoniously.

Eating healthily is another effective way to balance the root chakra. Focus on eating red-hued fruits such as apples, tomatoes, pomegranate and red berries as well as root vegetables like beets potatoes and ginger for maximum effect. You could also practice self-care techniques like journaling or reiki that will allow you to regain control of your life and feel more confident making decisions for yourself.

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