Aquarians thrive off intellectual stimulation and possess open minds and energetic personalities. Emotionally speaking, Aquarians tend to go with the flow and possess a “we all belong” mentality.

They tend to be generous people who place great value in friendship. Yet due to their independence and sense of freedom, it may be challenging for others to understand them fully.


Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac, between Capricorn and Pisces. The constellation that represents Aquarius will remain fixed on the ecliptic until another sign arises to replace it.

This constellation is known as the Water bearer and features several stars that resemble drinking glasses. This symbolism fits well with this astrological sign as water bearers are frequently associated with humanitarianism. People born under this sign tend to be highly intellectual with an inborn interest in helping others. They also possess strong individualism and resistance against conformity, characteristics which explain why some may seem distant or cold-hearted.

Origins of Aquarian are deeply rooted in mythology. Perhaps the best known tale associated with this constellation is Ganymede’s capture by Zeus due to her beauty, she later served as their cupbearer. Perhaps this story explains why many Aquarians find it hard to settle into any particular commitments.

Aquarians thrive when given the freedom and space to pursue their passions and interests while engaging in thought-provoking discussions with others. Aquarians tend to gravitate toward causes that promote freedom and equality as they wish to find innovative methods of making an impactful difference in the world.  The concepts of stagnancy, close-mindedness, and prejudice tend to get under their skin most strongly.

Aquarius, as an air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus, is often perceived as progressive and original, yet often viewed as distant by those outside their sign. They tend to find it difficult relating to Cancer, Scorpio and Taurus because their experiences vary so greatly, but tend to get along better with water signs such as Libra and Leo.

Aquarians in love tend to focus on learning about and appreciating who they’re dating as individuals, their unique characteristics and interests. They find comfort with partners who share similar intellectual pursuits while accepting and appreciating individuality.  Additionally, they love people with an eccentric sense of humor who share these characteristics.

Famous Aquarians include Galileo, Rosa Parks, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey and Yoko Ono.  These individuals are recognized for their activism and innovation, as well as for establishing new ways of doing things and being themselves.

Aquarius zodiac


Aquarians care deeply about humanity. As humanitarians, they wish for everyone’s wellbeing and strive for social progress through innovative thinking. Aquarians strive for personal fulfillment as much as society progression.

Change agents are creators. And while they might not always be effective communicators, they understand other people’s feelings even if they cannot always express them themselves. Their intellectual stimulation acts like an aphrodisiac for those attracted to unique interests and passions, making them excellent teachers or coaches!

Uranus, the planet of innovation and new ideas, allows them to think outside the box and break down old structures to build something better. They should remember, though, that progress begins at an individual level and should take into account local needs as part of any plan for improvement.

Aquarians might seem cold and distant at first, but they make great lovers. They prefer relationships filled with intellectual conversation that they can engage in freely.  They will likely remain committed long-term with someone who understands their need for independence and freedom of expression.  Additionally, Aquarian romances become much richer when time spent working on community-focused projects together is invested into romances between each partner.

Aquariuses may ghost when their personal space is being invaded or an uncomfortable conversation arises; or perhaps to avoid embarrassing behavior on their part. You might find yourself ghosting someone too if they cross boundaries or don’t make sense to you.  However, it is important to remember that every sign has unique personalities, so for accurate insight on compatibility it is always advisable to consult their natal chart for additional insights into compatibility and personality analysis.


Aquarians, with their quirky, nonconformist nature, possess a deep-seated sense of social justice which defines this air sign. They believe the world should be better for all and they want to make that happen.

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, Gemini air sign is famous for their intellect and love of learning. These people often appear arrogant or know-it-all because they often end up being right. Unfortunately, this can lead to rigid and dogmatic attitudes caused by an inflated ego-driven viewpoint.

Relationally, water bearers tend to be very independent and prefer keeping to themselves. While they can provide some valuable inspiration and offer fresh perspectives on old issues, their less expressive personalities can make it hard for them to express themselves fully.

These free spirits do best when their partner understands their need for intellectual stimulation. These people need a partner who keeps them feeling challenged; someone too similar could get boring quickly. These individuals gravitate toward intelligent people and appreciate those with interests in avant garde music or fashion.

They tend to be natural leaders and can easily inspire their friends with original and fascinating ideas that they find engaging. Additionally, their students appreciate them for being open-minded teachers.  However, some may find them impractical when handling financial matters.

Aquarians can anticipate an exciting month filled with self-discovery and increased integration between their public personas and personal lives, thanks to Jupiter being in their home sector and making an appearance this month. Plus, mid November’s Scorpio New Moon put extra focus on career goals, providing further motivation.


Aquarians appreciate being different, and are comfortable expressing themselves through unique personalities. Aquarians also tend to be rebellious individuals who enjoy shocking those around them, often times attracted to people with similar traits in this respect.

Aquarius are also very social signs, spending much of their time socializing with various circles of friends. Though loyal, Aquarius may occasionally seem distant.  However, when they’re in an upbeat and friendly mood they are probably quite welcoming.

As romantics, intellectuals don’t shy away from going the extra mile when it comes to romance. They might name a new scientific element after you, rebrand a paint shade in your honor or establish a scholarship dedicated to you.  This unconventional form of affection shows they care and is usually easy to please.

As naturally knowledgeable individuals, they may find it hard to accept jealous or possessive behavior from their partners. They need to feel free from restriction in their relationship.  Otherwise, they could end up feeling emotionally distant from them.

Additionally, these rebellious individuals often struggle with emotional drama. If unable to manage an event effectively, they may turn cold-hearted. Therefore, it’s crucial for these individuals to manage their emotions correctly, which they can learn how to do with practice.

Aquariuses love standing out from the crowd, often sporting unconventional clothing choices and engaging in creative entertainment.  They will happily take you out for comedy shows, musical concerts or other creative pursuits that won’t be mundane! An Aquarius can be an exciting companion when dating. He or she offers unique experiences that never become mundane! Aquarius makes for an unconventional but romantic date!

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