Chakra Meditation

Imagine awakening each morning feeling balanced and grounded.  Chakra Meditation can help make this possible by unblocking and healing your energy centers.

Locate a quiet place where you can meditate without being interrupted for at least 30 minutes, beginning by focusing on your breathing before exploring each chakra from root to crown in sequence.

Focusing On The Breath

Chakra meditation is an effective way to balance and heal your energy centers and emotional body. An imbalanced chakra can cause significant distress throughout life and even illness.  The regular practice of chakra meditation will allow you to reap the full benefits of balancing your chakras, and create an important link between mind and body.

At the core of any effective chakra meditation is an attempt to focus on breathing deeply and evenly.  This can be done while sitting comfortably on either the floor or on a cushion. If this proves challenging for you, take long, deep breaths in and out. Aim for even and rhythmic breathing patterns so as to remain fully present without distraction from thoughts or feelings.

Once you’ve focused on your breath for some time, start moving your attention up your body. Starting with the root chakra and working upward, pay attention to any sensations or emotions that arise in each area as you work up toward your crown chakra. At that stage, imagine a bright white light radiating outward from your crown chakra, visualizing that light washing away any mental, emotional, and physical blockages as you visualize a glowing white light washing away fears, worries or attachments from you mind body and spirit. This part of meditation should be approached carefully so as not to become trapped into negative thought patterns or beliefs that don’t serve your higher self.

At the conclusion of your chakra meditation, take some time to sit quietly and reflect upon your experience. Journaling about it might help.  Consider writing down any insights or revelations that come up during your session to deepen your knowledge about how chakras balance your life. Take this opportunity to thank your energy for all it has given you while allowing it to move freely towards where it needs to be going.


Chakra visualization during meditation is an approach to mindfulness that involves visualizing specific chakras waking up, activating or unblocking in order to achieve a state of equilibrium within your body and aura (energy field that surrounds it). Visualization charts may be helpful; free-form visualization may work better for some individuals.  The goal should always be finding what works for your energy system!

Start at your Root Chakra (Muladhara), located at the base of your spine. Focus on red energy and imagine a ball of light within, expanding with every breath you take, until its energy fills your entire body and aura.  You will be infusing yourself with security and nourishment while expelling feelings of fear, doubt or distrust.

Make your way up to the solar plexus chakra or sacral chakra, situated just below your navel and belly button. Imagine yellow light filling your solar plexus like the warmth and power of the sun bathing all life with warmth and power, growing stronger with vitality to nurture and serve you and others around you. Breathe into this light as it nurtures not only yourself but others and the environment as well.

Continue to the heart chakra or Anahata at the center of your chest, visualizing a gentle, pink diamond of love representing your spiritual heart. Breathing into it, visualize it growing bigger with love for yourself, others and this earth, forgiving and restoring all that has hurt or disappointed you in life.

Continue this process until you reach the crown chakra at the top of your head, using visualization and chanting techniques to augment the effectiveness of your chakra meditation practice. Chanting while you meditate can amplify the vibrational energy associated with its respective chakra.  Incorporating music designed specifically to match specific frequencies or chakras can assist your chakra-balancing efforts.


Gratitude is an inherent part of Thanksgiving festivities, with numerous ways to express it from gratitude lists to family gatherings around a Thanksgiving table. But adding gratitude meditation into your daily routine can help foster an attitude of thanks all year long.  It helps connect you to everything in your life by opening up all energy centers at the same time!

As part of this meditation, you’ll work to bring all of the chakras back into balance before shifting your focus onto gratitude. Begin with your heart chakra, which serves as the hub of compassion and love between yourself, others, and all life.  Next, think of someone dear to you, be they close friends, family members or strangers that make life richer, who brings you happiness or brings peace into your day.  Hold them close in your heart as an act of gratitude towards them.

Once again, shift your attention to a scent you appreciate, whether it be something from your past or a joyful memory from now. Take long and slow breaths as you notice how the scent soothes your whole body and brings back happy memories.  This practice of gratitude allows all senses, including those not visible as eyes, to take in beauty around us.

Once you are connected to all your chakras and their energies, it’s time for gratitude meditation, the practice which allows us to send love out into all aspects of our lives. Begin by thanking yourself for being physically capable of meditation; thanking those in your life who support and appreciate you doing so; then thank all your possessions that hold special meaning like jewelry or talismans.


Relax into this meditation by focusing on your breath and visualizing each chakra one at a time. Your root chakra lies at the base of your spine and represents feeling grounded, connected and supported in life. If out of balance, this may lead to anxiety, fatigue or feelings of low self-worth or confidence.  To balance this center visualize a red glowing fire that burns away any negative feelings and encourages trusting your own power, so that you may fully engage with each momentous experience in real time.

The sacral chakra, located just below your navel, represents creative energies. If it becomes unbalanced, you could experience emotional upheaval, digestive issues and feelings of sadness or depression. To balance it properly, imagine an orange flowing fire which nurtures and feeds your creative processes.  It encourages expression freely as well as helps connect you to others emotionally and geographically.

Next is your solar plexus chakra located in your abdomen and representing personal power. If this chakra is out of balance, you might experience difficulty with decision-making, anger management and communicating effectively. To harmonize this chakra visualize a yellow-flamed fire which nurtures and supports your inner strength to make positive decisions in life.

The crown chakra is located at the top of your head and associated with spiritual wisdom, compassion and empathy. To balance it properly, imagine an invisible lotus flower blooming at its crown.  This chakra is responsible for providing your conscious connection to the Universe as well as sense of purpose, joy and happiness in your life.

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