Water Element Zodiac Sign

As the water signs of the zodiac, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces tend to be deeply intuitive empaths. Their emotional sensitivities often turn them into inspiring artists with visionary dreams.

Water signs are the ultimate “feelers”, offering balance and empathy to their fellow zodiac inhabitants. Their intuition comes from deep within themselves.  Their innate wisdom comes from experiencing life firsthand. Furthermore, these sensitive souls possess an uncanny ability to read people, so that they can get directly to the core of an issue or situation.


Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are governed by water, an element regarded by Chinese astrology (wuxing) as one of the most feminine and soft elements. Water signs tend to be highly receptive and psychically inclined individuals that thrive when in an environment which encourages their spiritual and personal development. Cancerians, Scorpios and Pisceans all thrive when surrounding themselves with supportive people and environments.

Water signs tend to seek out partners who share their desire for magic and dreams, often developing deep intimate connections with them and empathizing with those in need of their support. However, they should avoid people who seem self absorbed or require constant attention, as this could be too draining.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are some of the most sensitive zodiac signs. Their emotions often dictate their choices.  However, they are often oversensitive to feelings that sweep over them suddenly. Don’t be surprised when these individuals express their emotions freely when talking about love.  These romantic souls don’t shy away from showing it either! Additionally, these Water signs have no problems being open about sexuality either, as they often see its value for itself.

Love wise, water element zodiac signs tend to be very expressive of their sexuality and sexual orientation, being confident with both aspects. Although they tend to be highly loyal and loving partners, they may have difficulty balancing their individual needs with those of a relationship.  Their emotions may lead them down an unpredictable path which might result in them ghosting someone, or quickly moving on from previous relationship.

Astrologically speaking, zodiac signs that share an element are always evenly spaced along the ecliptic plane to form what’s known as a trine. Zodiac signs ruled by the same element will often form harmonious relationships, whether between friends, colleagues or lovers. This is especially true among water signs such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Their intimate partnership is like a soothing sea breeze that helps ease life’s stormy waters. When in sync, these powerful currents become formidable forces.  When out of sync, however, you might find them pouting or giving each other silent treatments. 

Water signs may sometimes act in passive aggressive ways and misunderstand each other’s moods, so it’s crucial that they learn to communicate more openly without taking on too much ego.  This will help avoid drama! Water signs should also avoid becoming too distant from others as this could lead to depression and feelings of loneliness.  If this happens, it should be taken as an indicator that it’s time to step back and assess personal relationships more thoroughly.


As a water zodiac sign, cancers are known for their emotions and intuition. They wear their heart on their sleeve and can get a little crazy with their moods (they’re ruled by la luna, after all). But even though they can be easily overwhelmed, they’re still fiercely protective of those close to them. They’re also incredibly loyal and won’t hesitate to overlook anything or anyone in order to be there for those they love.

In fact, their loyalty to others sometimes borders on codependent behavior. This is because they tend to take on the emotional baggage of those closest to them, leading them to think of themselves as “parents” to the people in their lives. While this tendency is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s important for people born under the Crab to have a strong sense of autonomy in their relationships as well.

Cancers are so sensitive that they often become overloaded with their own feelings, especially if they’re feeling like a failure, or as if they’ve failed someone in their life. That’s why the crab’s trademark carapace is essentially their safety net, allowing them to feel all of the things that come with living on this planet, while giving them a safe space to retreat to when necessary.

This is why cancer water zodiac sign traits often include the word “ardent.” It’s a beautiful way to describe the intense passion and emotional intensity that this sign is known for.


Scorpios are highly sensitive water signs with an intense inner life. Ruled by Pluto in modern astrology (the planet of the underworld, taboos, and transformation) and Mars in traditional astrology (action, sexuality, strength, and power), these folks are formidable force to reckon with, no matter the cost. Like their celestial spirit animal the scorpion, these people can often appear mysterious to others while actually possessing a great strategic mind, working several steps ahead of others.

They possess an inquisitive nature and relish exploring the shadowy depths of things, never afraid to tread where others would fear to tread. They may enjoy attending seances, psychic nights, tarot card readings, true crime podcasts, horror movies and serial killer shows.  When it comes to career goals, they strive relentlessly until they’ve been achieved.  They don’t shy away from karma playing out in their own life either.


Pisces, the last and twelfth sign of the zodiac, governs over water as its element. Like water itself, this sign’s people tend to be highly emotional and intuitive individuals who often connect with someone almost psychically. These individuals tend to be compassionate individuals who use intuition as a guide through life, both romantically and professionally.

These emotive creatures are governed by Venus and Neptune, planets associated with romance, imagination, and creativity. Typically they find their place in music or acting.  Spiritual practices such as meditation or metaphysical healing practices also attract them.  However, due to being highly empathic with a strong desire to help others, they often struggle to distinguish their needs from those around them.  This trait often results in compassion fatigue, resulting in difficulty distinguishing individual needs from that of those around them.

Pisces and the other water signs tend to be very in touch with their emotions, making them very sensitive to criticism, or easily set off by negative events. They tend to cry easily, but don’t hesitate to release frustrations and anger, sometimes becoming rude when not appreciated.  These signs make great listeners, providing their friends and family the support needed during tough times.

The water zodiac signs bring a unique set of qualities to the astrological table. Their emotional depth, empathy, and intuition make them pillars of support and understanding in the lives of those around them. While they may face challenges related to their sensitive nature, their ability to adapt and heal is truly remarkable.

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