Self Love

Self love involves caring for yourself in all areas; mind, body and soul. Additionally, it means supporting yourself when times get difficult and setting healthy boundaries in your relationships.


Self love refers to an appreciation, affection and positive regard for yourself. It ties closely with self esteem and self compassion, but differs from narcissism, which involves being excessively focused on oneself.

Loving yourself often means taking steps toward self care, such as taking a bubble bath, eating healthy meals and getting enough rest. But it also involves respecting yourself, prioritizing yourself and speaking kindly towards yourself.

Refrain from social comparisons and self judgment, two easy traps that lead to feelings of isolation, stress and anxiety. While this may be difficult for those struggling with low self esteem, practicing loving yourself instead of criticizing may help increase self esteem over time.


Practically, loving yourself means prioritizing your needs and acknowledging that you deserve love and respect. Additionally, self love involves the decision to avoid toxic relationships that sap energy from you, as well as any activities or people that drain it away.

Self love can help you accept both good times and difficult ones more easily.  By trusting yourself enough to handle whatever comes your way, self-love will enable you to recognize and celebrate your own achievements, without feeling intimidated.

Loving yourself also involves accepting all of your quirks and imperfections as integral parts of your identity. It involves accepting who you are in the present.

Prioritize both emotional and physical wellness by setting and upholding boundaries.  Recognize the need to help others, while helping yourself with the same passion.


An essential aspect of success in life is developing an inner resource to overcome challenges and setbacks. A healthy sense of self love encourages positive choices and prioritizes mental and physical wellness.  This is vital for giving individuals the strength and resilience needed to bounce back when life turns upside down.

Cultivating a healthy sense of self love requires learning to appreciate your individual talents and strengths. It also involves setting personal goals and avoiding unhealthy relationships and environments. Furthermore, finding people and places that make you feel good can help build confidence and establish purposeful goals.

We often tend to be our own worst critics, constantly berating ourselves for our perceived flaws and mistakes. To implement self love, it is essential to challenge and reframe negative self talk. Instead of focusing on our shortcomings, we should embrace self compassion and practice positive affirmations to cultivate a more loving and supportive inner dialogue.

Self love involves setting healthy boundaries in our relationships and learning to say no when necessary. It means recognizing our limits and valuing our own time, energy, and emotional well being. By setting boundaries, we protect ourselves from being taken advantage of, and ensure that our needs are met. 

Cultivating self love requires acknowledging and celebrating our achievements, no matter how big or small they may be. Taking time to recognize our accomplishments boosts our self confidence and reinforces our belief in our abilities. Celebrating ourselves allows us to cultivate a positive self image and appreciate the progress we have made.

Surrounding ourselves with positive influences and supportive individuals is crucial for implementing self love. Toxic relationships and negative environments can hinder our self-esteem and self worth. By seeking out positive friendships, practicing gratitude, and engaging in activities that bring us joy, we create an environment that nurtures self love and personal growth. 

Self love is not an overnight transformation.  It is a lifelong journey that requires practice and commitment. By understanding the importance of self-love and implementing it into our daily lives, we can cultivate a healthier relationship with ourselves and improve our overall well-being. 

Remember, self love is not selfish.  It is a necessary act of kindness towards ourselves that allows us to thrive and radiate positivity to those around us. Start embracing self love today and witness the transformative power it has on your life.

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