Amethyst healing crystals

Amethyst crystals radiate healing vibrations and help you connect to your spiritual side. Also known as “healing tranquilizers”, amethyst stones help relieve mental strain by relaxing the mind to produce a state of subtle awareness. History  Amethyst crystals can be found everywhere from Siberia’s frigid corners to Brazil’s humid rainforests. A violet variety of quartz, …

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Empaths possess an extraordinary gift: being able to sense others’ moods despite not seeing facial expressions. This talent makes them natural healers and helpers, as they can identify feelings they don’t see from people they don’t even know well. Empaths may find large crowds and social events draining, as their empathic senses pick up all …

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Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is a branch of geometry found throughout religions, cultures, science and meditative practices, from religions like Zen to secular scientific fields like mathematics. You’ll find examples everywhere from spirals in nautilus shells to honeycomb cells! Sacred geometry assigns spiritual and symbolic significance to certain geometric forms and proportions, known as Platonic Shapes, which …

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Zen meditation

Zen is a practical philosophy which advocates the transcendence of everyday either/or thinking and dualistic perspectives. Zen views freedom as an experience without dualism, experienced as “motion in stillness” (dochu no sei). One time contains all others and one space encompasses them both.  Part and whole coexist in harmony through practicing nondiscriminatory wisdom. Origin Zen …

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Grief can result from numerous significant life events, including death or divorce, or from trauma such as natural disaster. Each person’s experience with grief varies. Feelings Of Loss Grief can be defined as the collection of emotions we experience following loss. Although most commonly associated with sadness, other feelings that can make up grief include …

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Astrology Houses

Astrology Houses play an integral part in your birth chart’s uniqueness and individualism. They reveal information about yourself as an individual, as well as how you interact with others. The houses move counterclockwise around the zodiac wheel, beginning with the first house which contains your rising sign, and gives a lot of insight into who …

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