Pisces dates, traits and meanings


Date range: February 19 – March 20
General characteristic: Negative sign, female
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable (flexibility)
Colors: Glaucous
Gems: White diamond
Metals: Tin
Best day: Tuesday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Virgo
Ruling Planet: Neptune


The strengths of Pisces

Characterized by empathy, Pisces people are always read to help other in need. They have a soft and kind heart that cries with those who cry and laughs with those who are happy. They cannot see people suffering and try with all their might to get them out of their miseries.
Pieces are emotional people and are quick in taking blame on themselves just because they cannot see other unhappy. They open their arms for anyone who is suffering in their eyes no matter if the other person is faking it. They can go to any extremes to help others and won’t expect anything in return of their favors.
They play the role of a protector and guardian for their loved ones and try their best to save them from troubles. People under the influence of Neptune are loyal and have great insights to understand the seriousness of any situation. They are great friends who will always take your back and save you from all the troubles. And no other sign can be as romantic as a Pisces who are comfortable in openly expressing their feeling for their lover.
They are day dreamers and artist with great creativity that needs to be explored.

Weakness of this sign

Some time being too empathetic can back fire on Pisces people. They might sometimes fail to understand a person’s intention and get themselves into trouble while helping them. They are emotional and sensitive. Even the slightest thing or word can hurt their feelings and they may break down in front of you.
In case a Pisces becomes emotional, it is very hard to handle them so one should try not to emotional hurt them. Sometimes they want people to appreciate them for their efforts and creativity but when they fail to get what they want they become annoyed and stressful.
Because they are day dreams they sometimes find it as an escape to run away from reality. Their overly trust others and are fearful of getting into a relation. They soft nature makes them the best victim for everything so they are easily hurt.

Relationships of Pisces

To avoid any heart breakers, Pisces avoid getting emotionally attached. They are sensitive and anything can hurt their feelings. But once they fall in love, they become the best lovers and partners. They are romantic and will find ways to make their partner happy and satisfied. They will find no shame in expressing their love openly and touch any limits for bringing a smile on their lover’s face.
They are the best supporters both emotionally and physically and will never hurt their true love. In return they just expect to be loved back and respected. They will fulfill all of their promises and stick by their partner’s side till the end.
It won’t take much effort from a Pisces to understand what their lovers want and will try their best to fulfill their demands even before they utter it.

Best careers for Pisces

Because of their empathetic and artistic nature, the best career choices for Pisces are monk/ nun, psychic, filmmaker, photographer and teacher.

Positive and negative traits of Pieces

Pisces people are artistic and have an eye for creativity, they see a world in a way that no one else can. They are intuitive so it is difficult to hide anything from them. They usually listen to their heart because of their strong intuitions which helps them take the right decisions most of the time. They are generous and compassionate who will always step forward to support others emotionally.
On the negative side, they are overly sensitive, pessimistic, and lazy and try to run away from reality when things do not turn out the way they wanted to. They are perfectionist so even the mediocre situations don’t work well for them.


No other zodiac sign can be as emphatic and creative then the Pisces. They are kind hearted and try their best to help the entire humanity.