Libra dates, traits and meanings


Date range: September 23 – October 22
General characteristic: Positive sign, male
Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal (activity)
Colors: Blue, lime
Gems: Coral, emerald, jade, opal, white marble
Metals: Copper
Best day: Sunday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Aries
Ruling Planet: Venus


Libra is the seventh sign from the series of zodiac signs, and it is at the point where we start to see a shift. Besides the first six zodiac signs focus on individual values, the last six signs from the zodiac focus on the world and others. Libras are the first one from the zodiac to focus on relating themselves with others and focusing on caring for them. We can call the Libra as a partnership sign because Libras cannot live alone, never! For Libra, everything that is done when parried up is the best. Since they develop harmony, optimism, and a sense of fair and love play.
Besides they are team players in everything, their favorite partnerships in regular life i.e. marriage. Libras feel complete and satisfied when they’re paired up with their loved one, forever and ever. As per ancient roman mythology, Libra is ruled by Venus, and the Venus was a smooth seductress who was at best pleasurable success. Libra belongs to the sign of air that tells everything about who they are. Like air, Libras are too complicated to understand and we cannot easily predict what is going in a Libra’s mind. They can be full of anger or love at the very next moment.

Libra Strengths and Weaknesses

Libras are diplomatic, graceful, idealistic, peaceful, and hospitable. They like to be around people they love, partnerships and groups are one of the many things they love. Libras feel satisfied and happy when they find other people around, and especially when other people are helping them. Libra who is living on his own can either have an extraordinary decor place or a very messy place. They can be independent, they definitely are intelligent, and smart but prefer to be around people they love.
Libras are habitual of love, excitement, adventure, and new situations. Libras have the abilities to make friends easily all around the world and they are always up to do something new; different from the world. They’re efficient at getting along with different people, everyone loves a Libra. Sometimes, Libras are the reason that holds a group together; they’re the relationship glue who is surely responsible for keeping peace and harmony among people they like.
Besides keeping relationships together, Libras hate doing hard work. Libras are too lazy when it comes to some effort, however, their initial distinctive are beneficial at telling from where the money would come from.

Libra in relationships

Libra holds great self-confidence and is too attractive. They are confident and can be master seducers once they set up an eye on you. Libras give personalized attention to their lovers and are good at conversations. Libra is surely a fascinating sign, and especially it comes to a relationship. Libra usually shows their attention and love regularly with affection and praise. They want to enjoy finer and beautiful things in life with their partners. Libras are definitely very affectionate in relationships and very articulate and open when talking with their partner – romantic people they are!

Positive traits of Libra

Libras are perfect and great when it comes to handling difficult and awkward situations. Libras can find solutions to different problems easily and they care for their loved ones. They resolve problems with great poise and grace. They have the ability to try to be fair in almost all situations where one can lose his mind. Libras are born to establish peace and harmony in the face of difficulties. They are the easiest going, balanced, and attractive people from zodiac signs series; also sensitive to all world.

Negative traits of Libra

The same positive traits described of Libra can take part in negative ones when situations get out of hand. As Libra is the sign of air, trying to make everything right and balancing relationships to please everyone can be extremely indecisive. They will not be able to handle everything after all. Libras are also people who are selfish and tend to turn negative at some situations. When it comes to encouragement for them, they have no sense of timing and priority. Libras survive with the toughest time at time when it comes to make toughest decisions and they do everything that comforts them.