Virgos are like quality control officers for the zodiac; with high standards and an attention for details that may sometimes stray into judgment or grumbling. Their ruler, Mercury, lends them intellectualism and curiosity, two traits Virgos may exhibit.

Virgos tend to place great value in health and care of the people closest to them, particularly family. Furthermore, Virgos offer invaluable practical advice and direction.


Virgos are earth signs, meaning they have an affinity with all aspects of nature and feel deeply connected to it. They often find great satisfaction in gardening or engaging in physical tasks which allow them to feel productive and useful; activities which also bring great satisfaction when accomplished successfully. Furthermore, these individuals tend to be great caregivers who strive to leave this world better than when they found it.  This fulfills an instinctive need to help others, and feel most rewarded when their contribution can make a meaningful impactful about who they are, and what matters to them most.

Anciently, the constellation Virgo represented Persephone, daughter of Demeter (goddess of agriculture). According to Greek tradition, she was kidnapped by Pluto (god of the underworld), and therefore she spent half her time above and below ground.  This legend helps to explain the various seasons.  When Persephone reappears each spring, the harvest season begins.  This may explain Virgo’s association with being detail-oriented and organized.

Astronomers later associated the Virgo constellation with Shala, believed to be the protector of wheat crops, hence its Latin name Spica or “ear of grain.” Astronomers recently discovered an exoplanet in Virgo which further underscores this sign’s association with agriculture.

Virgo zodiac sign is governed by Mercury, and thus these individuals possess an inherently practical and analytical outlook on life. They excel at paying close attention to even minor details, which makes them invaluable assets when it comes to projects of all kinds. Furthermore, due to their methodical nature, they often complete work on time and within budget.  They are adept at organizing themselves so as to quickly locate all necessary tools needed for accomplishing their goals. Virgos are widely respected for being reliable and thoughtful people and rarely overspend.


Virgos may have a reputation for being picky and critical (which they certainly are), yet this attention to detail does not stem from impatience or laziness.  Rather, their desire to assist others drives this focus. They’re known as one of the zodiac’s “healers”, often called upon for assistance themselves.  The concept of service being one of their main qualities. Virgos tend to be highly precise individuals who love helping people.  They realize their full potential by lending a helping hand, or lending an ear when necessary.

Virgo stands out from its zodiac siblings by not having an animal representation.  Instead, its symbol for this sign is female.  She holds wheat bundles in her arms to represent their inherent modesty and introspection. Serving as the goddess of harvest, she returns every year to bring the new season, with her return from heaven to Earth.

Since Virgos are earth signs, they tend to find solace in material possessions and the practical aspects of life. Furthermore, this sign tends to focus more than any other on the details of daily life, and can become easily overwhelmed with anything, causing unnecessary worry.

Though Virgos can be highly efficient and organized, they prefer focusing on just a few priorities so as to excel in them. Spreading themselves too thin may lead to failure.  As such, more time or smarter effort may be needed if success is to be realized.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, who’s associated with perception, mental clarity and attention to detail. As such, Virgos tend to be industrious and meticulous of all signs, with an affinity for problem-solving and analysis. When someone needs their assistance, a Virgo will usually offer their help first.


Virgos are thoughtful individuals that take great pride in ensuring everything runs smoothly. Their meticulous approach helps them pinpoint any glitches or errors that go undetected by others.  They always find ways to help those around them.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and expression, Virgos are adept in all forms of verbal and written expression. Being natural communicators allows them to be ideal helpmates when things get tough.  They are often the first ones to offer support when required. But sometimes their emotional outpouring may come off cold or distant in some situations.

Virgos tend to be meticulous and precise when it comes to romantic relationships. They may analyze their partners closely and notice anything that seems off, no matter how minor. Not wanting to disappoint loved ones, Virgos will often place themselves last in terms of priority.  When they find the right companion, they become extremely loyal and attentive.  They try to understand each partner’s hobbies and thoughts, while being subtle with how they express their emotions.

Virgos can often be skeptical of romance, having difficulty trusting their feelings and experiencing stress and anxiety in relationships. To help combat these challenges, they can learn more self-love and optimism through daily activities that nourish their heart and soul.  By paying attention to all of life’s little details, they may find happiness through focusing on them!

Virgos tend to be friendly and caring individuals.  However, when exposed to too much negativity they can become disillusioned with life. Virgos should learn to drop their perfectionist tendencies and become less critical of themselves.  They should be more at ease in relationships and work environments, and allow themselves more spontaneity and creativity.


Virgos are naturally helpful, always looking for ways to make the world a better place. Their keen sense of observation enables them to recognize what really matters among all of the noise.  Additionally, this sign enjoys analyzing information which can prove very beneficial in many fields of endeavor. Furthermore, these individuals tend to prioritize health and fitness over all else, paying special attention to diet and fitness regimens.

Their sign, Libra, is ruled by Mercury and their talents include strong communication and an inquisitive mind. Unfortunately, however, they tend to overthink situations and can become critical of those they love, although often just trying to help them feel their best!

Virgo constellation is associated with Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility. Demeter’s daughter Persephone would be kidnapped by Hades each autumn; her return each spring symbolized life reborn.

People born under this zodiac sign tend to be extremely loyal friends and family members, often creating lifelong bonds with those they know well. While Virgos can sometimes appear distant at first, once someone trusts them they remain there for life.

Even as analytical as they are, Virgos still possess an artistic side. They’re highly gifted when it comes to fashion, art, music or writing and often possess a sophisticated sense of style that distinguishes them. By looking at things through an alternative lens, they are able to craft something truly original from it.

Virgos thrive when surrounding themselves with other earth signs like Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn. Air signs also play well with them due to shared interests, such as intellect and order.  

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