Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus that enjoys taking pleasure from nature and everyday life. They tend to seek food, environments and people that provide warmth, comfort and pleasure for themselves and others.

Taurus individuals tend to be loyal and loving towards those they care for most, particularly their family. Unfortunately, however, their stubbornness may cause them to remain stuck in an arrangement or circumstance which no longer meets their needs.


Taureans tend to be steady and reliable individuals who appreciate life’s finer things. One of the more sensual signs, Taureans don’t hesitate to indulge themselves when the mood strikes, without feeling guilty! Their powerful resilience allows them to persevere despite challenges until they’ve been conquered.  This strength extends into romantic partnerships where they make committed partners, as well as touchy-feely connections with those they adore.

Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus, which stands for love, beauty and money, is often materialistic, spending lavishly on their favorite food, beverages and clothing items. Taureans tend to be possessive when it comes to those they care for and possessiveness may lead to covetous behavior. Although often unmotivated and lazy individuals, their patience and persistence make up key strengths of Taurean personality traits.

Numerous cultures have myths surrounding Taurus, but two of the most vivid come from ancient Greece. First is Zeus’ transformation into a bull to kidnap Phoenician princess Europa.  In another account, Hercules used Taurus constellation as cover while killing Nemean Lion to complete 12 Labors of Hercules and win his famed victory.

Babylonian astronomy considers Taurus to be “The Heavenly Bull.” In The Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the earliest literary works, Ishtar used this mythical bull as punishment against her lover when he turned down her advances.

Taurus is one of the oldest zodiac signs, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. Later, ancient Greeks connected it with Zeus while the Romans associated it with Innana (deity of sexual love and fertility). Taurus constellation takes the shape of a bull, connected to earth by its neck and hindquarters.  The head is defined by Hyades stars, while Pleiades stars make up its body.


Taureans tend to be gentle and loyal people. They need material security in the form of material possessions that reflect luxury and beauty in their personal style.  Sensually inclined people tend to appreciate being with those that match them. Taurus governs the second House of Self-Worth and Income; thus making financial security essential.

Taureans tend to be very devoted and loyal towards family and friends, and can make excellent colleagues. When it comes to relationships, Taureans tend to take a deliberate approach in selecting partners, they may change partners only slowly but steadily over time.  They only commit when they are centain the relationship has strong foundations.

Taureans resemble bulls in this regard.  Their unwavering perseverance can be invaluable in the workplace. Being governed by Venus, Taureans appreciate sensual pleasures such as romantic encounters.  Luxurious experiences attract them, and they may even covet beautiful objects as possessions.

Taureans typically avoid conflict and drama, yet can be stubborn when confronting issues head-on. Being extremely literal and honest makes Taureans ideal mentors and champions for coworkers, yet these friendships tend to remain professional in nature.

Women tend to be practical and grounded individuals. They prefer careers involving food, art, architecture or nature that allow them to feel grounded and secure.  They are reliable and methodical in their approach to everything.  Good with money means finance could be ideal.  However, their tendency for overthinking things may cause them to miss opportunities that come their way, and may limit growth options available to them.


Taurus, as a fixed earth sign, tends to be practical and realistic. They thrive on routines and feel safest when engaged with every detail of a project or activity they undertake. They craves familiar environments, whether that means the comforting environment they share with loved ones, or a cafe where they can work on individual projects.

Taureans tend to be exceptionally faithful in relationships and expect the same commitment in return. They don’t tolerate sudden changes or criticism well and tend to be less flexible with regards to emotions.  However, they will always be there when it comes to listening and supporting their friends.

Venus rules Taurus, giving its energy an irresistibly romantic character. People born under this sign tend to be sensual and affectionate, fond of luxurious goods while appreciating food, environments and people that feel warm and inviting.  This combination often results in great cooks, gardeners and stylists among their ranks.

Good work ethics, punctuality, and responsibility are hallmarks of their professionalism.  These are qualities that shine on the job where they’re often put in charge of projects that require close consideration. But sometimes this type of mindset can get stuck in a rut.  To keep their minds active, it’s essential to switch things up every now and then and keep things interesting!

Taureans tend to be possessive when it comes to their personal lives, particularly if they’re in relationships. Taureans want a fulfilling bedroom experience but may feel awkward initiating sexual encounters themselves.  A supportive partner can help balance sensuality with practicality in approaching intimacy.

People born under this sign may also be very materialistic, yet are careful about spending their money. They make smart purchases that they know will last, and can be selective about which brands they wear or use. While they enjoy shopping, they rarely buy something just because it’s costly.  They need to truly believe that it will improve their lives in some way.


As an earth sign, Taurus requires security in terms of physical wellbeing and financial wellbeing. While this might slow change for them, once they set upon a path they usually follow it to completion, making them great employees or long-term companions!

Taureans tend to be stubborn and stuck in their ways, making strong relationships essential. Close friends tend to be easier for them than strangers when it comes to opening up and sharing thoughts.  Taureans are extremely loyal when it comes to those they care about; being there as support in times of trouble or crisis is essential for their wellbeing.

Family is important to them, and they enjoy hosting gatherings of family, friends, and colleagues alike. They respect family traditions and practices, while adopting a more traditionalist outlook in life.

Taureans typically enjoy careers that cater to their five senses, such as art, architecture, music or food. Since Venus rules their zodiac sign, however, they may also find fulfillment working in roles related to fashion and beauty.  Aesthetics and style play an especially crucial role for these zodiac sign holders who often take great pride in themselves, and dress in beautiful clothing, while using high-quality skincare products to adorn themselves.

Taureans may appear sluggish at times, but this usually stems from their need to relax and recharge. Unfortunately, Taureans can become attached to tasks or projects they become immersed in, making it hard for them to step away from them when necessary.  This is why it’s essential they have strong support networks both at work and home.

Taurus, being ruled by Venus, are attracted to love and romance with an emphatic sense of beauty. When in relationships, Taureans tend to focus more on physical aspects than emotional connection, but do still value hedonism as well as emotional stability.

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