People born under this water sign can appear gruff at first, but are softies when it comes to intimacy with loved ones. These individuals prioritize family life and invest in nurturing it as much as possible.

These individuals have an affinity for what’s hidden under the surface, like their celestial spirit animal the scorpion. Their actions tend to be calculated and sometimes manipulative.


Scorpio stands out among zodiac signs as one of the more mysterious, with strong associations between death and the occult. Its mysterious aura stems from two co-ruling planets: Mars (god of action/sexuality), and Pluto (deity of transformation, the underworld, and death).

Scorpios are highly emotional individuals whose intuitive well of feelings allow them to connect with others on an intimate level. But this sign can also be very manipulative and controlling in its approach to relationships.  Forgiveness takes longer for Scorpios than other fixed signs.  Should someone hurt them, they often harbor their anger until it’s time for revenge.

Scorpio zodiac sign people tend to be intense and passionate, often taking an introspective and mysterious approach to life. Scorpios possess excellent investigative and research capabilities, as well as being loyal and protective toward those they hold closest.

Scorpios glyph is that of a scorpion, yet its symbol contains claws from another constellation called Libra. This is because in Babylonia, Scorpio was considered part of the zodiac cycle and Libra represented its claws, hence why Scorpio can often be associated with aggression and danger. Additionally, scorpions represent revenge, hence their dangerous reputation.

Famous Scorpios include French painter Claude Monet, charismatic French actor Alain Delon and Queen Marie Antoinette of France, to name but three of many notable Scorpios who are iconic. Scorpios can find ways through difficult situations with dogged persistence and laser-like intensity. Their magnetic personality forces them to seek out what lies beyond our reach.


Scorpios, as the eighth sign of the zodiac, are deeply passionate individuals who live life with purpose. Like their celestial spirit animal, the scorpion, Scorpios tend to lie in wait for opportunities and strike unexpectedly when least expected. Viewing life like a game of chess, these cunning predators constantly plan several moves ahead with an eye toward an eventual checkmate.

Scorpios are notorious for their volatile emotions of jealousy, envy and possessiveness, often experiencing them to an extreme. They tend to compare everything against others’ accomplishments as though everything were competition between themselves and them; these enigmatic creatures tend to be suspicious of others and hold onto grudges for long.

Scorpios tend to be difficult people on the outside but very tender-hearted with those they care for. Once they select someone as a partner, expect thoughtful gifts thrown their way when something special arises, and plenty of intimate moments.  They won’t settle for casual dating and will only commit fully once they know someone well enough.

Scorpios are governed by both Mars and Pluto, explaining their intense energy. Their dual nature enables them to see both sides of any situation clearly and navigate the gray area that can be so treacherous for other signs. “Scorpios are very aware of both aspects of existence,” states astrologist Narayana  Montufar.

Scorpios tend to be self-critical and sometimes find it hard to admit mistakes, so it’s essential that someone assists them when they become bogged down in the details. Since Scorpios tend to be naturally dominant individuals, be wary if treating them as equals, or they could push you aside in pursuit of their ambitions. Mindfulness practices, journaling and intention setting are great ways for soul searching individuals like Scorpios to connect with themselves more directly.  These practices may help to release any pent up emotions, which cause criticism, while tapping into inner strengths.


Scorpios possess an acute sense of perception, enabling them to understand people and situations quickly and accurately. Furthermore, their strong instincts allow them to make sound decisions, both personally and professionally.

While they may appear cold and distant on the outside, inside they’re true softies who go the extra mile in making their partner feel comfortable. Scorpios also possess a deep desire for emotional intimacy, tapping into their spiritual side through close relationships with loved ones.

They seek to uncover their truth and live it on their terms.  With an aggressive, commanding presence they often become leaders in their fields, public figures, and even politicians (more U.S. presidents have been Scorpios).

But they must be wary of their desire for power and control getting out of hand, particularly considering Pluto is known for transformation. Allowing ambition to overshadow good judgment could lead to unhealthy infatuations, obsession and paranoia in their lives.  For these reasons, they should maintain an appropriate level of pragmatism in their lives.

Scorpios must avoid falling prey to envy due to their intense emotional reactions.  Otherwise, they risk feeling as though the achievements of others should automatically bring about what they want for themselves. Therefore, they need to temper their ambition with plenty of gratitude and humility.

Scorpios tend to serve as the glue in families, breaking down any divisions between siblings or parents and offering emotional support when times get difficult. Unfortunately, without proper management they can also become possessive and very controlling, leading them to feel trapped by their feelings of responsibility, or feeling like their emotions can’t be expressed positively. Therefore, it is crucial for Scorpios to establish strong support networks, while learning effective methods of channeling these emotions in a productive manner.


Scorpios can be extremely determined when they set their mind to something, making them great workers and leaders but sometimes possessive with those they care about. Their passion can get out of hand quickly so it is wise to keep an eye on this trait that could quickly escalate out of control.

Nature gives these people an ability to investigate, enabling them to penetrate through layers and facades to discover what lies beneath the surface. They don’t fear darkness or morbidity, often seeing things others miss.  This is a part of Pluto’s gift, an understanding of life’s hidden side.

Scorpios, being water signs, tend to be passionate in general, and this passion often manifests itself physically. Scorpios like to experiment with various fetishes and desires, and often don’t mind indulging them shamelessly. Furthermore, they are not afraid of pain or sexual stimulation either.  These zodiac signs tend to gravitate toward experiences which combine physicality with spirituality.

They can also be quite critical of humanity as a whole. Though they don’t agree with everything that happens around them, they tend to choose friends with similar views on art, philosophy and religion who share similar interests.  This enables them to explore broader aspects of life, while maintaining intimate connections with loved ones.

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