A Capricorn, under the guidance of Saturn, the planet representing limits and restrictions, is known for being hardworking and ambitious, viewing life as challenging and hostile environments.


Capricorn is an ambitious sign with a sense of humor, focused on leaving their mark through legacy building and won’t take no for an answer when setting their goals high. They possess exceptional intellect, having an extensive understanding of mystical realms, while remaining practical by learning new skills that will help them reach their career goals.

Their rigidity can sometimes be their downfall, making it hard for them to accept change and realize that they’re not perfect. Their inflexibility may also force them to push themselves too hard, something which could damage their health and well-being in the long run.

Capricorns make excellent partners, you can count on them for support through thick and thin. However, if they feel indifferent about you they won’t hesitate to move on quickly.  However, once they have given in to love, it’s for life!

Capricorns tend to be natural leaders, making them adept at running businesses or being elected politicians. Furthermore, their knack for managing money makes them popular as financial planners or accountants. These wise money managers believe in saving and spending wisely, as this leads them closer towards longevity, than wasting their time or lavishing money on things that won’t bring lasting happiness.


Capricorn’s symbolism stems from Greek mythology: Amalthea was the goat that nursed baby Zeus when his father, Cronos, believed a prophecy predicted one would overthrow him. This story symbolizes their hardworking and practical approach as well as their sense of responsibility and ambition.

Capricorn is governed by Saturn in astrology.  Therefore, they tend to be disciplined, responsible and traditional in their approach to relationships, often using intuition when making their decision on moving forward with certain individuals.

Capricorns tend to take life seriously and their steady demeanor can sometimes be intimidating. Their intuitiveness allows them to read the vibes from those around them with ease.  They are not often very expressive or emotional people themselves, but when necessary they can be extremely empathic and compassionate.

These people take their work very seriously, only dedicating the necessary time and effort if it truly resonates with them. These individuals excel as organizers who can manage multiple tasks simultaneously. This makes them ideal candidates for positions requiring organization and patience, as well as logic and dependability.

Capricorns enjoy strong relationships with their family, especially during holidays and birthdays. They take great pride in protecting their siblings while being excellent parents themselves, taking responsibility for any relationship that fails very seriously and only leaving if it appears hopeless.

Capricorn’s symbol is the sea goat, an aquatic creature with goat’s head, hoofs and tail. This represents their ability to balance hard work with spiritual pursuits; reflecting back over nostalgic experiences while striving to attain goals.  Motivated by tradition yet focused on long term strategies, this image perfectly symbolizes Capricorn.


Capricorn, as the tenth sign of the zodiac, is ruled by Saturn and associated with the 10th House of Career and Public Life, so it comes as no surprise that people born under its influence often take great pride in their work and wish to leave an indelible mark behind in whatever field they’re engaged. These professionals often make excellent architects, entrepreneurs, professors, or financial planners.

Capricorns tend to get better with age, and have an effortless sense of style that makes them appear effortlessly cool. While their sense of humor may sometimes be dry or blunt, those born under Mercury (the planet which rules communication, transportation and technology) in Capricorn will typically possess an especially dry sense of humor that’s sure to stand them in good stead in life.

Neptune (the planet of spirituality and mysticism) being present in Capricorn can often cause its natives to drift off the path toward delusion.  When Pluto (death and rebirth) arrives, it marks an opportunity to tear down old structures that have been up for too long and build something fresh instead.

Traditional astrology suggests that Capricorns are hardworking individuals determined to reach the summit of their ambition. But this doesn’t tell the whole story: this earth sign is far more dynamic. Capricorns can actually be very humorous people and possess an undercurrent of sarcasm that could make even Scorpios blush; though their humor might not always come through because they prefer being in charge and prefer maintaining order at all times.  When things get out of hand, however, they’re usually content enough with other projects to keep themselves busy!


Astrological compatibility can make all the difference when it comes to finding romance. Whether or not you believe in soulmates, exploring someone’s sign can shed light on many crucial details.  This can range from life plans and communication abilities, to love languages and how well the two of you would connect.

Capricorns are known for their adept ability to manage relationships gracefully and maturely, drawing them towards those who share these characteristics.  They seek specifically smart, responsible people such as earth signs like Virgo and Taurus who tend to speak the same emotional language; similarly they’re drawn towards water signs like Cancers and Pisces who possess similar needs for stability and security.

These hard workers may occasionally forget their own needs in a relationship, but are usually adept at communicating their desires clearly and respectfully. While they may be tempted to take on too many projects or responsibilities for too long, it’s essential they remember to let their partner know when they require some time for themselves.

Capricorns tend to be reserved at first in relationships, but once they feel secure enough with someone they become very faithful and supportive partners. While Capricorns may sometimes appear harsh at times due to their need to set high standards for themselves and those they care for, Capricorns are ultimately quite supportive partners once they know someone well enough.

Capricorns tend to get along well with other Saturn-ruled zodiac signs, such as Scorpios and Virgos. Both ambitious individuals share common goals that make for a good match when combined together, along with values like loyalty and appreciation of remaining composed in stressful situations. They can sometimes clash over differences, such as one wanting practicality while the other seeks spontaneity, although these will usually resolve themselves eventually.

Capricorns tend to struggle expressing their emotions, so they need a partner who understands this without forcing them to open up too quickly. Virgos make great partners for Capricorns because they’re both reliable and empathetic, plus share an interest in intellectual pursuits. That may explain why Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have such an incredibly popular pairing, Ryan being a Capricorn himself while Blake being a Virgo!

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