Cancerians, as ruled by the moon, tend to be intuitive, creative and deeply feeling individuals. Representing cardinal water signs like crabs, these individuals spend their days guarding both heart and energy much like their shelled totem.

Care packages, sentimental emails with emoticons, and heartwarming talks over chamomile tea tend to come their way from those born under this sign, with sensual Scorpios and understanding Pisces providing ideal partners.


Cancerians need to take extra care during times when their emotions may be at their most intense. Since Cancerians tend to be moody, it’s essential that they take time out for rest and recuperation, particularly during full or new moon phases when emotions may be especially powerful.

Cancerians possess an insatiable need for love and security. Highly intuitive, they can recognize the emotions of those around them.  They are often protective of friends and family while sensitive to criticism or rejection.  When feeling down, they tend to retreat into themselves until ready to discuss matters further.

People born under this zodiac sign tend to be nurturing by nature and make great parents and teachers. Additionally, those born under this sign can often find employment in nursing, social work, counseling or therapy careers.  Their compassion makes them great listeners when friends need someone to confide in about their troubles.

Cancerians tend to be very devoted and caring partners. They tend not to seek casual dates; instead they desire a relationship that feels like home with plenty of alone time for processing emotions. Cancers want someone who understands them while protecting them from harsh outside forces.

Cancer zodiac sign’s constellation, the crab, is symbolic of their protective and clingy nature. Historically, crabs were also used as an ancient Greek symbol to represent Hera, Queen of the Gods.  She sent a Lernaean Hydra creature against Hercules as revenge against Zeus for his death.

Cancerians tend to appreciate those who are secure and reliable. Additionally, they appreciate people who understand their emotions well and can understand their moodiness. Cancers tend to work best with other water signs like Pisces and Scorpio.  Although compatibility may also exist with mutable Virgo, this pairing may prove challenging due to Virgo having different approaches towards relationships than Cancer does.


Cancerians wear their hearts on their sleeve like the crab they represent; being intuitive and nurturing but sometimes moody or stubborn can be challenging! Representing the fourth house of home and family life, these zodiac signers value family history and communal activities.  Being true patriots, they can become fiercely protective over those they care about.

Cancerians may struggle with money, but they’re usually good at being frugal and saving early. This helps them maintain financial security, something Cancerians greatly value. Cancerians tend to budget carefully each month in preparation for any rainy day that might arise.

People who identify as Emotionally Stable tend to be extremely protective of those they love, with their emotional side being both their greatest strength and weakness. Emotionally sensitive people can easily be turned off by harsh criticism or changes in the environment.  However, when set a goal they will go above and beyond to accomplish it even if that means altering their usual course.

Cancerians tend to be extremely faithful when it comes to relationships, providing unconditional loyalty and protection from bad times for friends and family alike. Being with someone like this on your team is invaluable when you’re going through difficult times or require someone just as reliable to provide companionship, or offer comfort during times of transition.

Like Pisces, Cancers are guided by their emotions. While their moods can range from euphoria to boredom to deep frustration, Cancers tend not to be as moody as some believe and tend to be more optimistic than pessimistic. Also like Scorpios who also make water signs, Cancer is ruled by the moon which symbolizes change, fluidity, and emotionality.  Some notable people born under Cancer include Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Larry David, Pamela Anderson.


Cancerians are highly sentimental, nurturing individuals. Known for being “mama bears”, Cancers place great value in family and home above any other sign in the zodiac. Being intuitive allows Cancers to quickly pick up on other people’s feelings; often feeling what others are going through without physically seeing it firsthand. Cancerians look for partners that they can emotionally connect with, not casual or short-term connections, but long-term love that will withstand life’s many twists and turns.

As one of the Water signs, Cancers are natural leaders. Able to take charge and organize large projects with vision, Cancers can tap into their creative depths for business and social ventures alike while empathizing with employees and colleagues, making them great bosses.

Cancers, like all water signs, are governed by emotions. This makes them sensitive and easily offended if something irks them; unlike Pisces who seeks external emotional healing, or Aquarius who escapes into themselves. Cancers tend to deal with emotions internally, therefore being sensitive to things other signs would take for granted.

Cancerians tend to be loyal friends and partners who expect your undivided attention in return. You can count on them in good times and bad, expecting the same from them in return. While Cancers may appear manipulative at first glance, they’re actually very empathetic towards those close to them, understanding exactly how their loved ones feel.  This trait may explain why celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande are so beloved among their fans.


Cancerians desire close, nurturing relationships, prioritizing comfort and security.  Cancers tend to have strong intuitive abilities that enable them to connect with people before ever saying a word themselves. Although they often form long-lasting partnerships with water signs like Aquarius and Pisces, air and fire signs may present more difficulties due to their emotional intensity or mood swings.

Cancerians tend to be reserved and can take time before showing their true personality. Since they’re highly empathic, it may take them longer than expected for them to address conflict effectively.  When upset, they might let things slide a little. When in love, however, Cancers will go out of their way to make their partners feel loved and cared for, often by cooking romantic dinners for two and planning weekend getaways together.

Cancerians tend to be generous and caring individuals, yet can also be insecure and possessive. Their need for emotional stability may lead them to hold onto past hurts that erode relationship health over time. Cancerians can be highly demanding of their partners.  Therefore, they require someone who understands and is patient with them in terms of being attentive to their needs and demands. Cancers tend to become emotionally intense quickly, causing moodiness or mood swings to arise quickly.

Cancers tend to find romance with Taurus and Capricorn partners, who provide steady support. Together these earth signs share hardworking goals while sharing an affinity for cooking, making for an ideal romantic pairing that may end in nights snuggling together in bed!

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