Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars. They represent strength, courage and unafraid of taking risks, leaders of change in spring.

Being the youngest zodiac sign, Aries may sometimes be quick to express their needs and desires directly. Aries is known for being bold leaders who relish in taking charge and often become the center of attention themselves.


As the zodiac’s initial sign, Aries boasts plenty of lively energy. These people tend to be ambitious and self-starters, often striving to take on the world and conquer it. These pioneering, bold, fearless individuals often possessing strong traits of egotism, stubbornness and inflexibility that could sometimes come back to haunt them later in life.

Aries is a forceful force when it comes to relationships and friendship, easily making friends quickly while exuding confidence and demanding loyalty in return. Should there ever be an argument or fight between Aries individuals, most tend to let things go quickly without holding grudges.  This may be down to being ruled by Mars which gives them lots of energy.  This can lead to artistic or cultural movements and showing off their knowledge by inviting their friends along to exhibitions or sports events.

Astrologer Constance Stellas says Aries’ greatest challenge lies in controlling their impulsive and impatient nature, according to their zodiac sign. When angry or frustrated, Aries can act quickly without considering all available evidence before making decisions that might lead them down an irresponsible path. Although it takes considerable effort for Aries to slow down and be more rational, they’re willing to put forth that effort if it means being better at controlling tempers and building stronger relationships with those they care for.

Aries loves discussing everything under the sun, from big-picture concepts to trivia nights with ease and are adept at answering trivia questions with confidence. Additionally, Aries are fascinated with understanding people’s thought processes and use conversations as opportunities to gain knowledge, especially among fellow Aries!

Aries zodiac


Aries is the initial sign of the zodiac and cardinal fire sign. Associated with leadership and new beginnings, and ruled by Mars. People born under this sign can often be bold, confident, energetic but sometimes unpredictable or short-tempered.

Aries is a relatively small constellation that lies to the east of Pisces and south of Triangulum in Greek mythology, first catalogued by Greek astronomer Ptolemy during his 2nd-century cataloging work. Ptolemy gave this constellation its name after being inspired by an iconic image in Greek mythology.

Chrysomallos from Greek mythology who saved Phrixos from certain death, as sent by Nephele to save her son Phrixos from being sacrificed to gods, before flying them both safely until reaching Colchis, where Phrixos gave thanksgiving gifts that became known today as Aries constellation.

Aries derives its name from Latin for ram and refers to its constellation, with its V-shaped star formations that resembles the shape of its head. Aries has traditionally been considered the first zodiac sign due to its alignment with vernal equinox.  However, due to Earth’s wobble this alignment has now shifted towards Pisces.

People born under the sign of Aries tend to be ambitious, go-getting firecrackers who crave leadership roles. With natural leadership abilities that thrive on competition and challenges, these individuals tend to take risks and push boundaries without hesitation; often impatient or short-tempered at first but unstoppable when their passion gets them involved.

Hamal (Alpha Arietis), is the brightest star in Aries. Once known as an ancient equinox star, this bright star was visible at sunrise during spring equinox. Mesarthim, also known as Gamma Arietis or Gamma Arietis was once very close companion with Hamal until two degrees separated them now.


Aries kickstarts the astrological year with plenty of go-getter energy, so it comes as no surprise that Aries is also known as the sign of leadership and those born under this sign tend to take an active approach to their career.  But, without careful management, they may overextend themselves, quickly leading them down an exhausting path to burnout.

Aries may not always be known for being patient, which may prove frustrating for others. Yet when presented with new challenges that provide them with opportunities to grow they tend to take them on with gusto. They’re quick at starting new relationships and often generous with their friends.  However, it takes great strength for an Arian to stand up for themselves in the workplace or world.

Aries can be one of the most romantic signs, wearing their hearts on their sleeves with pride. Passionate and energetic, Aries tends to cycle through emotions quickly but still feels them deeply.

Though Aries may appear fearless, they can sometimes be too trusting in their approach to investing money. While willing to take risks, Aries are more prone to financial disaster due to not planning ahead for everything that may come their way. Therefore it is extremely important for Aries to save and budget in order to be ready for unexpected outcomes.

Though Aries may have an impetuous side, they’re generally quick to bounce back after any setbacks. Not afraid of risking themselves to do what is right, Aries can make an unpredictable romantic partner.

An ideal partner for an Aries is someone who can match their drive and ambition.  This could be found in Gemini due to their mutable qualities being ideal to counterbalance Aries’ impatient personality and keep up with quick mood shifts. If Aries are single, this summer’s Venus Retrograde in Leo could provide them with an opportunity to move away from casual relationships in favor of finding true love.


Aries are pioneers of the zodiac, leading by example in all areas of their lives. Ruled by Mars, which gives them passion and willpower. Although often impulsive, Aries don’t let this stop them, taking risks confidently while being the life of any party!

Aries in love make great champions, always supporting and motivating their partners to bring out their best selves. However, Aries can sometimes be too energetic or enthusiastic in love, meaning they require someone who can keep up with them! Due to being impatient by nature they require someone who will help keep them grounded by not becoming overbearing and demanding.

Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius make great partners for Aries.  These signs understand their needs well and can give the Ram the boost they need to meet them. Unfortunately, Aries does not match well with Taurus, Cancer or Capricorn, so these couples must develop better communication and come to compromises to make the relationship work.

Aries and Leo make an ideal pair, as both are leaders who fuel one another’s enthusiasm. Together they’ll have plenty of fun exploring shared interests or playing together, but without working through any differences they might face in the relationship quickly fizzle out.

Gemini makes for an excellent match with Aries as they share an energetic and playful nature, ideal for an Aries who is childish at heart! Together they will have plenty of fun spending their time together and getting along swimmingly; yet Gemini needs to learn how to be more focused when necessary and focus on their career/responsibilities.

Capricorn and Aries do not make an ideal combination, due to their vastly different personalities and lifestyles. Their interactions are likely to cause conflicts due to differing views on money, power and control. These may prevent any meaningful partnership from blossoming; the Aries/Capricorn compatibility rating is low.  However, if they find a way past these differences they could create something beautiful together, if compromise can be reached.  Otherwise, they could remain stubborn about seeing each other’s point of view and fail as partners altogether.

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