Scorpio Women

A Scorpio woman craves power, and is an outstanding leader, whether in work or personal life.  She is always ready to seize control of any given situation, and manipulate others towards her own advantage. This trait may sometimes become dangerous if not used wisely or abused.  Nonetheless, she remains an effective force to deal with at anytime.

They are known for their unwavering determination and strong will. Once they set their minds on a goal, nothing can stand in their way. Their relentless drive and perseverance enable them to overcome obstacles, and achieve success in whatever they set out to do. This determination also extends to their personal relationships, as they are fiercely loyal and committed. 

They have an innate sense of intuition and are highly perceptive. They can often sense the underlying emotions and motives of others, making them excellent judges of character. This intuitive nature helps them navigate through life’s complexities and make informed decisions. Imagine being able to read someone like an X ray machine, or other medical imaging equipment.

Scorpio women value their independence and are self reliant individuals. They have a strong sense of self and are not afraid to stand on their own. While they appreciate companionship and meaningful connections, they also thrive in their own company and are not easily influenced by others.

Underneath their strong exterior, these women possess a deep emotional complexity. They experience emotions on a profound level, which can sometimes lead to intense highs and lows. Scorpio women are not afraid to confront their emotions head on, and are known for their ability to transform and heal themselves through self reflection. 

These powerful individuals possess some negative characteristics which may be difficult to manage. Being highly intelligent makes them great listeners, while their extreme loyalty makes them ideal partners.

This can change quickly if someone betrays them. They hold grudges which could continue for a very long time if someone slightly violates their trust.

Unfortunately, they can sometimes become pessimistic.  They may be obsessed with the idea that others are out to get them, and always taking advantage of them. Therefore, it is imperative they build good relations with those they meet while keeping their promises.

When these women fall for someone, it becomes all consuming. They want to know everything about the person, including quirks, mannerisms and behaviors.  However, the trait they seek most is loyalty.

Scorpios are among the smartest signs in the zodiac, asking probing questions about past relationships, as well as investigating each one closely.  They hate dishonest people like liars and cheaters.  They are quick to expose any attempt at manipulation.

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