Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra represents passion, creativity and joy, as well as emotional intimacy in relationships.

Balanced energy centers allow us to express ourselves freely.  Artists like Van Gogh, Shakespeare, and Mozart all utilized this chakra when crafting their masterpieces.

Explore activities that foster fluidity, such as swimming or hiking in nature. Another excellent strategy is practicing hip-opening yoga poses like cat-cow pose to promote mobility.


The Sacral Chakra is connected with our reproductive organs as well as hips, low back (lumbar spine), bladder and kidneys. When healthy and balanced, it provides energy for creativity, movement, procreation, desire, pleasure, relationships, and much more.

Understanding that when this chakra is out of balance, symptoms include emotional instability and mood swings; sexual dysfunction/infidelity/low libido; issues in your relationship with yourself/body and more. An imbalance often results from past trauma so working through it to heal this chakra is crucial to healing it successfully.

As this chakra represents creativity and passion, embracing your artistic side can be a great way to unleash its potential.  Art activities are an excellent way to awaken it and share them with others.  However, other expressions may include journaling, cooking, and dancing.

Yoga can help to stimulate this chakra by strengthening core stabilizing muscles and increasing blood flow, as well as by practising poses like Crow Pose, Triangle Poses, and Goddess Pose to open up its pathways. Eating fruits and vegetables regularly along with drinking plenty of water are also great ways to balance out this chakra.  A balanced Sacral Chakra allows us to recognize both our own needs as well as respect those of others.


The sacral chakra is connected with emotions and sensuality; when out of balance, this energy center may cause feelings of jealousy or emptiness. Furthermore, this center oversees creativity, movement and procreation so when healthy it allows us to express ourselves creatively (such as writing or painting) while finding passion in relationships.

Jeannie Lymath (crystal healer and reflexologist) states that an overactive sacral chakra could result in emotional instability and dependence on others for security or validation, symptoms which can lead to codependency and addictions. Physically speaking, imbalances in this area may manifest themselves through back pain, urinary and kidney problems, gynecological concerns and fertility challenges.

Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing), is an effective way to strengthen this chakra. By alternately breathing through each nostril, this breathing technique unifies both halves of the brain, leading to emotional stability and clarity.

Yoga and meditation can also help connect you with your sacral chakra, while simple poses like High Plank can strengthen and tone arms, core, and legs while channeling energy directly towards it. Breathing exercises such as Ujjayi also assist. You may also want to try essential oils that resonate with this chakra like sandalwood, bergamot and ylang-ylang for additional help.


Once this chakra is balanced, you should experience feelings of wellbeing, abundance and pleasure. Additionally, creative expression may become easier, as well as healthy communication channels opening up.

Blockage in the sacral chakra can lead to emotional turmoil, fear of change and sexual dysfunction; depression and addiction-like behaviors may follow as well.

The Sacral Chakra is represented by orange and represents its sexual and pleasure energy. An open and balanced Sacral Chakra allows people to have healthy relationships with their feelings, as well as express them emotionally and sexually freely without restriction, or restriction due to sexual thoughts. When this energy becomes imbalanced it may manifest in more possessions being sought after, or suppressing natural needs as a form of sexual obsession.

Kundalini yoga can help stimulate the Sacral Chakra. By engaging in sexual-themed postures, breathing and mantras associated with Kundalini yoga practice, Kundalini can help address issues preventing your sexual energy from flourishing fully. 


The sacral chakra represents sensuality, intimacy and passion. When properly aligned, it allows us to enjoy life’s pleasures, such as love, creativity, sensuality and sexual energy that flows openly. When balanced, this allows us to enjoy art works, delicious foods, the great outdoors or gardening with its pleasure of seeing your efforts bear fruit!

Blockage or imbalance can result in issues relating to fear of intimacy, repressed emotions and the inability to connect with others. Sexual dysfunction such as promiscuity or sex addictions may occur, as well as frigidity or fear of physical pleasure.

Healing your Svadhishthana (sacral) Chakra can be a journey requiring work through past trauma and finding courage to face your fears. A fully balanced sacral chakra will show that life is more than survival. Marriage should be celebrated, sensual pleasures should be fully appreciated in your body, and creative outlets explored more fully.

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