Past Life Regression

Past life regression therapy (PLR) is an approach used in hypnotherapy that allows individuals to access memories from previous lives, by means of hypnotic induction. This is based on the theory that reincarnation exists and we carry memories of past lives into this life.  Past life regression helps individuals recall these memories so they may help improve current ones.


Past life regression may seem like an intriguing diversion for many people, yet for others it can be an invaluable source of healing and personal growth. Regression therapy is an invaluable form of holistic therapy which can provide invaluable insights into current life issues and relationships.

At each session, your therapist may guide you through relaxation or hypnosis techniques to enter an altered state of consciousness that allows for easier recalling of memories from within your subconscious mind. Once in this state, your therapist can ask questions and offer guidance in uncovering memories buried deep within it. As part of your session, sensations like floating, vivid imagery or strong emotions may emerge. Though these sensations may feel disorienting at times, they are all part of the healing process and should not be perceived as signs that something is amiss or out of place. Rest assured these feelings are a normal part of this healing process!

As with any form of therapy, past life regression may not be suitable for everyone. It works best when administered to those open to reincarnation and willing to explore their inner selves.  The belief in reincarnation is the greatest predictor of whether someone experiences past life memories.

Past life regression can be an effective tool for healing body, mind and soul. According to experts, past life regression therapy can reveal the source of any issues impacting your life such as phobias or physical ailments that have been plaguing you.  These traumas come from previous lifetimes and must be overcome for you to live a more fulfilling existence. By confronting these obstacles head-on you can begin the journey toward healing yourself and living a more satisfying existence.

As part of your past life regression process, you may also come into contact with other beings who share similar experiences to you in other lives.  This can include family members, friends, acquaintances, or spiritual teachers.  In some instances, this could even include potential soul mates from past lives!


Past life regression is a therapeutic technique in which an individual is guided through hypnosis to access memories from previous lifetimes, possibly having led them into current issues like phobias or physical ailments that originate in past lives. By exploring past memories it may be possible to gain greater insight into yourself, as well as heal any past wounds from these memories.

Though regressive past life regression is often perceived with suspicion and debate, it can be beneficial for individuals struggling with emotional or psychological challenges. Psychologists and hypnotherapists alike have used past life regression therapy as part of treatment to address an array of conditions including anxiety, depression, phobias and relationship difficulties. But like any therapy regimen, it should not be undertaken without knowing its potential risks. You must fully understand all potential complications that might occur during a session of this therapy.

At times, past life regression may result in false memories being implanted by therapists due to suggestibility.  This may cause the subject to recall events that did not actually take place during past lives.

Past life memories may be difficult and distressing to recall, especially as they’re likely buried deep within one’s subconscious. Because of this, past life regression sessions should always be administered by an experienced hypnotherapist who specializes in this form of therapy.

Remembering these memories may not always be pleasant, but they can be extremely useful in understanding and overcoming challenges you face today. Additionally, past life memories may help a person identify any negative patterns or habits carried over from previous lives.  For instance, self-sabotage may stem from past experiences where success was met with punishment in one lifetime or another.


Hypnosis is the main tool used in past life regression, helping individuals access subconscious memories. During a session, a hypnotherapist will guide an individual into a light trance state using visual imagery or breathing exercises, followed by prompts such as recalling past lives or life experiences.  They may provide scripts to follow, to help recall specific details such as locations or dates. This may be necessary to help the person recall something relevant to their present circumstances, such as emotions or memories from past lives or experiences.

Therapists sometimes believe that past life regression therapy can provide individuals with an alternative means of resolving problems that cannot be effectively addressed through regular psychotherapy sessions. They may help identify patterns of negative energy carried over from previous lives, such as an addiction or fear of failure, that they need to overcome by understanding the source.

While most who undergo past life regression report positive results, not everyone experiences it positively. Some may feel nothing during the session while others might experience deja vu or struggle to connect with past selves. There can be various factors which affect whether an individual feels comfortable enough during a session including, whether or not they believe in reincarnation, and how relaxed they are during sessions.

Reincarnation beliefs are said to be one of the main determinants of whether someone recalls memories from past lives. Skeptics tend to report less past life experiences than believers. Successful past life regression sessions should take place in a comfortable setting with an experienced therapist familiar with this technique.


People often come to past life regression looking for answers, to understand who they were in past lives, or find peace following an traumatic event which they cannot explain. Others might be more intrigued by the concept of reincarnation or exploring their subconscious through this therapeutic tool.  Whatever their reason, many individuals report profound and transformative experiences during past life regression sessions.

Though there is no scientific proof of past life regression’s effectiveness, its use has become an increasingly popular form of therapy to address emotional and psychological issues. People who experience positive results say it helped them understand their current struggles better while providing solutions.  Some even claim it healed wounds left open in past lives.

Before undergoing past life regression, it’s essential to set realistic expectations. Some individuals report vivid memories while others may encounter more subtle or symbolic ones. Furthermore, it is key to prepare mentally and emotionally before embarking on your session by engaging in meditation or mindfulness activities, in order to reduce stress levels and enhance focus.

Regression therapy can provide invaluable insight into your current relationships, attitudes, and beliefs as well as potential root causes of any current or lingering problems.  Sessions may help you to release any negative emotions or behaviors which have been holding you back. 


Past life regression therapy can be particularly risky for individuals who are psychologically vulnerable or have mental health conditions. The exploration of past lives may exacerbate existing psychological issues or even induce new ones. It is vital for individuals with mental health concerns to consult with a qualified mental health professional before delving into past life regression therapy.

Focusing extensively on past lives can sometimes lead to neglecting the present. While it can be fascinating to explore past experiences, it is essential to maintain a balance and not become overly absorbed in the past. Neglecting present life responsibilities, relationships, and personal growth can hinder overall well-being and lead to dissatisfaction.

Another aspect to consider when engaging in past life regression therapy is the ethical concerns surrounding the practice. Some argue that therapists can have undue influence over vulnerable individuals, leading them to accept false memories or beliefs. It is crucial to ensure that the therapist conducting the regression is reputable, experienced, and adheres to ethical guidelines. 

Approach past life regression with an open and neutral mindset, free of judgment or assumptions, especially if you do not believe in reincarnation. Seeking out an experienced practitioner with a good reputation would also be wise.

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