Astronomers have identified 22 globular clusters in Ophiuchus, a constellation located north of Scorpius the Scorpion and west of Hercules the Strongman. Ophiuchus appears passionately captivating.

Ophiuchus in Greek sky lore symbolizes Asclepius, the god of healing. Known for his snake-handling skills and formulating potions containing Serpens’ venom to either kill or heal his patients, Asclepius became well-known as an Asclepian physician and healer.


Ophiuchus, as the serpent bearer of its constellation, symbolizes healing and transformation. Associated with Asclepius’ mythical ability to cure people of their illnesses and restore them back from death, people with Pluto in Ophiuchus tend to embark upon journeys of self-healing and transformation by reconciling shadow aspects into something more whole within themselves.

Ophiuchus people tend to be natural healers. Curious and love seeking wisdom, they also possess an uncanny knack for being natural healing agents for themselves and others, a result of their link to the snake.

Traditional Western and Sidereal astrologers do not consider Ophiuchus the 13th sign. However, the Sun passes through this constellation from November 30 to December 18 each year and this influence extends to those born under this zodiac sign.

Astrologically speaking, Ophiuchus represents the link between Scorpio’s intensity and Sagittarius’ optimism and love of exploration. It combines their qualities, such as Scorpio’s mystique with Sagittarius’ passion for truth.  This may explain why many individuals who share Sun, Moon or Rising signs with Ophiuchus find themselves drawn toward spiritual or philosophical endeavours.


Ophiuchus, also known as The Serpent Bearer or Serpent Handler, lies along the sun’s ecliptic path (its 360 degree orbit around Earth) between Scorpio and Sagittarius and each year passes over Ophiuchus’ right foot.

Ophiuchus may be associated with Asclepius, the Greek mythological figure associated with medicine. He was known for possessing healing powers that helped bring people back from death.  His ability was said to have been inspired after watching one snake bring herbs to another person who had passed on, before using that same herb on Glaucus, King Minos of Crete’s son who then came back to life!

Ophiuchus became immortalized as the constellation Ophiuchus and has been depicted holding a snake and wearing a staff, with long and twisted snake-like arms.

Mesopotamian people originally created the zodiac with only 12 constellations. However, since more time is spent in Ophiuchus than Scorpius by the sun, astrologers sometimes count this sign as the 13th sign. However, some experts dispute this claim.

13th Zodiac

Ophiuchus, the 13th zodiac sign, is associated with Asclepius and thus represents healing, transformation and rebirth themes in its symbols. People born under Ophiuchus may gravitate toward medical fields like medicine or possess natural abilities for helping others heal.  Its serpent symbol represents these themes further.

Astrologically, Ophiuchus symbolizes knowledge and truth-seeking. This symbolism can be found in Asclepius who was known for his relentless search for medical knowledge. People born under Ophiuchus tend to be curious and passionate, which could translate into spiritual or philosophical exploration as their chosen focus of interest.

For those intrigued by love compatibility, Ophiuchus is said to be compatible with other zodiac signs such as Cancer, Taurus, and Virgo. As natural healers, individuals born under this sign often seek harmonious and meaningful relationships, valuing honesty and loyalty above all.

Ophiuchus can best be seen during the Northern Hemisphere summer, appearing high in the sky at nightfall and early evening. Located between Scorpius and Hercules the Strongman, Ophiuchus contains notable stars Rasalhague and Barnard’s Star, as well as Little Ghost Nebula and Dark Horse Nebula and various globular clusters.


People born under an Ophiuchus sun, moon and rising sign have an intimate understanding of transformation and healing. Although they may occasionally go through periods of darkness, they also understand how to embrace their light side of soul.  This makes them adept healers both physically and emotionally. People with these placements can often renew perspectives on life and the deeper world.  They tend to open themselves up to different approaches with ease.

As mentioned earlier, some believe Ophiuchus should be considered the 13th zodiac sign. ¬†However, there is no scientific basis to this belief. As constellation positions have moved throughout history and it’s impossible to pinpoint an exact date for any one constellation’s position change, genuine astrology relies solely on tracking the sun’s annual movement through constellations without regard for mythologies associated with them.

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