Moon Water

Moon water is essentially water that has been energetically charged by the moon’s energy during a specific lunar phase. This practice is rooted in the belief that the moon’s energy can infuse water with its inherent properties, providing a potent tool for spiritual rituals, healing, and manifestation.

Moon water is a simple yet potent tool that can be used in beauty rituals, manifestation practices, healing sessions, energy cleansing or divination and scrying practices.

What Is It?

Moon water can be defined as any clean (ideally spring) water exposed to lunar energy during a full moon. At this point, its energetic properties may infuse it and create the possibility for positive change or manifestation.

The concept of moon water can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where the moon was revered and deeply connected to the cycles of nature and human life. Ancient cultures, such as the Babylonians and Egyptians, recognized the moon’s influence on tides, seasons, and even human emotions. They believed that the moon possessed a divine energy that could be harnessed for various purposes, including healing and spiritual practices.

Different lunar phases are believed to permeate the water with distinct energies. For example, water charged under the full moon is said to possess heightened intuitive and healing properties, making it ideal for cleansing rituals or enhancing meditation practices. On the other hand, water charged under the new moon is associated with new beginnings and intentions, making it suitable for setting goals and manifesting desires. 

Once you’ve collected water, it’s essential to set an intention with it.  This could range from healing, grounding or manifesting. You could also take this opportunity to charge crystals or herbs if desired.

Knowing which astrological event occurs during a full moon will have an impactful influence on its energetic qualities. For instance, if it falls during Virgo season and you need grounding energy, then adding soothing herbs like sage or lavender would add extra boost.

Although moon water does not offer scientific proof for its benefits, its popularity has skyrocketed since Victoria Beckham posted an Instagram photo of herself sipping it back in 2019. Many practitioners of magick and spirituality use moon water in rituals as a way of connecting with the cosmos, and conjuring its magical powers. 

It is important to note that the use of moon water is deeply personal and subjective. While ancient practices provide a foundation, each individual may have their own unique experiences and interpretations with moon water. Some may find it to be a powerful tool for transformation and growth, while others may view it as a symbolic representation of their connection with the cosmos. 

How To Make It

Making moon water is a simple yet powerful practice that requires only a few key ingredients and a mindful approach. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own moon water.

Choose your container: Select a clean glass or jar with ample volume.  It can be transparent or colored, depending on your personal preference.  However, transparent containers allow maximum exposure.

Set your intention: Before leaving your container under the moonlight, take a moment to set your intention. This can be anything you wish to manifest, release, or invite into your life. Focus on your intention as you place the container in its designated spot. 

Collect your water: Leave the container undisturbed overnight, allowing the water to absorb the moon’s energy. In the morning, carefully collect your moon water, thanking the moon for its blessings.

Some who partake of this ritual may include water safe crystals, such as clear quartz or amethyst.  Another option is to add cleansing herbs, such as lavendar or rosemary.

Moon Water Ritual

Moon water has long been used for healing, cleansing, protecting, and manifesting purposes. Many believe that its power is amplified when mixed with water, which absorbs vibrations and energies from its surroundings. When combined with specific intentions and the lunar cycle, moon water acts like an energy conduit from the Universe directly to you.

Moon water is commonly used for cleansing and energetic clearing purposes. By harnessing the energy of the moon, this water can help remove negative energies from our surroundings, objects, and even ourselves. Many practitioners believe that spraying or sprinkling moon water can cleanse the aura, crystals, and sacred spaces, creating a harmonious and balanced environment. 

Moon water is also associated with enhancing intuition and psychic abilities. It is believed that consuming moon water or using it to anoint the third eye can help open up our spiritual channels, allowing us to tap into our innate intuitive powers. Some astrologers suggest drinking moon water before divination practices or meditation sessions, in order to deepen the connection with the spiritual realm. 

Moon water has been utilized for emotional healing and balancing purposes. The moon’s energy is closely linked to our emotions, and moon water is believed to carry this energy. It is often used in rituals or baths to promote emotional well-being, release emotional blockages, and restore inner harmony. Adding a few drops of moon water to your bath or using it as a facial mist during times of emotional distress may help soothe and uplift your spirit.

Another popular use for moon water is setting intentions and aiding in manifestation. The moon is associated with cycles, and each lunar phase carries different energies. By charging water under specific lunar phases, practitioners believe they can infuse their intentions into the water. This charged moon water can then be used to water plants, added to baths, or even consumed to amplify intentions and manifest desires.

Moon water is often an integral part of rituals and moon ceremonies. These ceremonies are performed during specific lunar phases to harness the moon’s energy for various purposes. Moon water is used to invoke the moon’s energy, create sacred spaces, and enhance the overall ritual experience. It can be sprinkled around the ritual space, used to anoint candles or objects, or incorporated into other ritual practices.

Moon water should ideally be prepared during a full moon. This is when it reaches its most powerful position within its lunar cycle, containing additional healing energies and creating maximum effect for intended use. While moon water can be made at any time, full moons have greater effectiveness due to being at their highest potency during their lunar cycle.

Moon water holds a significant place in astrology and is utilized for various purposes.  By understanding and harnessing the energy of the moon, practitioners can explore the potential benefits of moon water in their spiritual journeys.

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