Crown Chakra

The crown chakra represents spirituality, unity, and connection with the universe. You can access this chakra through spiritual practices like meditation or carrying healing crystals like selenite, danburite, charoite and amethyst, to tap into its energy.

As the Crown Chakra is associated with thought, regular meditation and mindfulness exercises are essential. Additional practices that may help include breathing techniques like Nadi Shodhan, as well as yoga postures like Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose), and Savasana (Corpse Pose).


On the crown of your head lies this energy center representing spiritual consciousness and transformation, as well as our sense of connection to the divine and wisdom. It is linked with pineal, pituitary glands, hypothalamus and the integumentary system.  It also includes skin, hair and nails, acting as sensory extensions of the nervous system.  The color representation is a beautiful violet-white, like the Hindu deity Shiva-Lord of Dance, while in Judaism this chakra’s deity Kether preside over it.

An effective Crown chakra provides peace and understanding. Its purpose is spiritual enlightenment. Those with open Crown chakras often have prophetic dreams, and can sense divine guidance or purpose from within themselves. Therefore, it’s vitally important that this chakra remains balanced so you remain grounded, while staying focused on achieving your goals and fulfilling your desires.

Meditation and prayer can be powerful ways of balancing the Crown chakra, while yoga practice such as Shuni Mudra can do the same by connecting the tip of middle finger with base of thumb.  This is believed to increase memory, clarity, and promote calm mind state.

Crystal healing can also help balance the Crown chakra. Each crystal offers different vibrational frequencies and properties.  Consider a crystal such as Lepidolite, which can assist with releasing negative emotions, while also opening up blocked Crown chakras.

Sadhana, or spiritual practice, is the best way to open and balance your crown chakra. Under guidance from a teacher or spiritual guru, sadhana should be performed regularly until full opening occurs.  This spiritual experience can be profound and is the goal of many yoga practitioners.  Reaching this state can take years of training and dedication from their practitioner; with practice this goal may become achievable.


The Crown Chakra connects you to all aspects of life and transcendence, symbolised by white or gold and representing pure, divine light.  A lotus flower is an iconic representation of the crown chakra, with roots planted firmly in earth and petals reaching upward. 

You can open this chakra by sitting comfortably and visualizing a pure white light pouring down on your head and flowing down your spine.  This meditation can help you feel more at one with yourself and connected with higher consciousness, whether or not you believe in God directly.

Practice yoga and use crystals to balance this chakra. Common stones used include selenite, agate and quartz for this purpose.  Agate helps strengthen the aura while encouraging psychic healing.  Quartz stimulates body and mind, while improving concentration during meditation.  Selenite acts as a protector, promoting tranquility and reconciliation between relationships.

Not only can meditation and crystals open your crown chakra, but there are various other methods available to you as well. One such technique is performing a crown chakra mudra.  This involves holding your thumbs together with index fingers in an ‘X” position to form a triangle shape.  Hold this for up to one minute or longer depending on your comfort levels.

Another technique is chanting the sound OM, commonly referred to as a bija mantra. This sound represents all life and represents how all beings in the universe are united. Chanting this mantra can also activate your crown chakra.  Other methods may include using essential oils and incense.

Crown Chakra Significance

If your crown chakra is open, you may experience a sense of spiritual connection to all that exists.  This may include the divine love, or simply the realization that there’s more going on than what’s happening here and now. Furthermore, you might experience detachment from earthly concerns while simultaneously feeling secure, knowing everything will be taken care of appropriately.

Blockage of this chakra may cause you to experience an absence of spirituality, while it can be challenging for others or anything around you to inspire you. You may begin believing that life has no greater purpose beyond making money, having sexual encounters and buying things. Furthermore, people and situations which do not conform with your beliefs could easily offend or distress you.

As another way of opening the crown chakra, one simple and straightforward technique for doing so is witnessing and then detaching from thoughts that cause suffering. This approach has been advanced by teachers like Byron Katie.  Simply put, this involves questioning and disbelief of any thoughts that cause you suffering.

Violet flame meditation may help cleanse this chakra of any obstructions, while any type of energy healing technique that works for you can restore harmony.


Sanskrit for crown chakra (Sahasrara), this energy center is associated with spiritual connection and enlightenment. It controls your awareness of universal consciousness, wisdom, unity, self-understanding, trustworthiness and communication abilities between individuals. When unbalanced it can result in lack of spiritual connection and an inability to trust.

Signs that your crown chakra is out of balance include feeling disconnected from spiritual self, mental and emotional symptoms such as lack of clarity, anxiety or depression and attachment to material things.  These behaviors should be reduced through pranayamas such as alternate-nostril breathing as this practice has been shown to lower heart rates and respiratory rates, which helps balancing of crown chakra.

Practice mindfulness meditation to gain greater insight into yourself and become aware of your thoughts and emotions, or use the Shuni mudra to relax and ease stress and anxiety by joining your right hand’s pointer and middle fingers together and moving them outside your left nostril, while keeping the right ring finger inside its right nostril.

If you’re feeling lost when it comes to how best to begin, consider starting with any of the suggestions metioned previously in the article.

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