Virgo dates, traits and meanings


Date range: August 23 – September 22
General characteristic: Negative sign, female
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable (flexibility)
Colors: Yellow, orange, earth tones
Gems: Agate, hyacinth
Metals: Mercury
Best day: Wednesday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Pisces
Ruling Planet: Mercury



From zodiac signs, Virgo is the only sign represented by a female. Virgo is sometimes though to be as a delicate lovely, potentially creative girl, sometimes an older woman, intelligent but probably spinsterish and pedantic. Virgos are generally critically inclined, shrewd, patient, practical supporters, observant of the status, and also tend in the conversation related to all fields of life. Contrary they go deeper, are emotionally cold, and their habit of suppressing their kindness may end up casing to atrophy. Due to this, they may shrink from getting deeper into a friendship, relationship.
Virgo have been always been roasted by the zodiac due to his purity, which is sometimes misunderstood as a pedantic pickiness. Virgo is the sixth sign of zodiac, and Virgo’s keen eye to see things make it more observant and careful souls ever. People born under the sign of Virgo are usually the butt of jokes for being so critical and picky, but their attention towards particular thing for a reason is to help others. Virgos, more from other signs are born to help people, they’re here to serve and it gives them joy and happiness. Mostly Virgos are industrious, efficient, and methodical. The sense of responsibility hold by Virgos is considerable, and it ensures their success in all fields of life.
Virgo is generally represented by virgin, but this should be taken seriously. However, Virgo definitely holds some qualities of a virgin such as humanity and modesty. Some might consider them bad and suppressed, but Virgo would argue on their honesty and this quality.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Virgo

Virgos hold the abilities to keep everything in order and structure to manage all finer details so that everything goes right straight away. They hold abilities like healers. Virgo is well aware of what is needed and take care of difficult situations. You can assign any task to Virgo and it will surely get done as soon as possible. Because of their nature full of perfection, they produce perfect results, and they won’t give up until what they’re working on is under their perfectionism. They also have higher standards in their personal and individual lives.
On the other hand, Virgos need to make sure that their perfections aren’t as higher as nobody can meet them. Virgos are known for their bad reputation for being impossible to please others and for being too critical. Mostly what is going on in a situation is that the will be trying to solve everything with their abilities and everything goes wrong. Virgo assumes the people to be best as much as they can, including himself.
The most important thing to a Virgo is timing. What they’re doing might be right but for them it might seem cruel or bad if anything at the wrong time is accomplished. However, Virgos need to accept the fact that things don’t need to be perfect in order to appreciate or enjoy them. Virgos are good at fine-tunes things attending to the details with the ability of a literal laser. Virgos are definitely perfectionists of the zodiac; they can easily get wound up but feel hard to relax afterwards.

Virgos in relationships

Virgos are excellent lovers; they are methodical and have a great deal o patience, which means they are able to wait for a long time to meet the right partner. However, Virgo will never ever express extraordinary words of love to his partner. Virgos are loyal and honest with their partners and can do anything for them. As a father, boss, mother, and children, Virgos hold relationships much better among other signs. They have fully personalized solutions for personal problems.

Positive traits of Virgo

Virgo pay extreme attention on details, and they seems always happy to learn more. A true Virgo doesn’t believe to live in a fantasy world of imaginations. Feeling bad or complicated? Contact a Virgo to solve all complications for you. he or she will do his best to solve all your problems.

Negative traits of Virgo

Virgos are predictable as they already have a picture of what is going to happen in their mind – they’re overcritical. Also, sometimes they get lost in deeper details. They think everything should be perfect.