Taurus dates, traits and meanings


Date range: April 20 – May 20
General characteristic: Negative sign, woman
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed (stability)
Colors: Yellow, yellow-orange, earth tones
Gems: Coral, emerald
Metals: Copper
Best day: Friday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Scorpio
Ruling Planet: Venus


The strengths of Taurus

People born as Taurus are artistic in nature. They can view things like no one else can and have an eye for art. They are amazing friends who can be trusted with secrets and very loyal. They will take a secret to their grave but will never utter a word to anyone no matter what. They are generous in every sense. They love giving charity and helping others in form of money, food, clothes and any other way that they could come up with.
They are sympathetic with people inferior to them and are always ready to help them. Taurus are dedicated people who give in their 100% in everything be it relationship or work. They are stable and approach every situation practically. They hate day dreaming and are realistic.

Weaknesses of this sign

Taurus is as lazy as a tortoise. They fail to get up quickly and complete their tasks due to which they have to suffer sometimes. They are stubborn in nature and possessive when it comes to relationships. They don’t want to let go of their loved ones and make them do what they want to satisfy their stubborn nature.
They are self-centered and do things that will benefit them the most but fail to make correct decisions. They get confused when it comes to taking a step forward on their own and require assistance from others but are uncompromising.

Taurus and relationships

Taurus are slow starters when it comes to relationships. It takes them time to build up trust and move forward. They are at time scared of commitment and gather all their courage to start a relationship. Taurus are devoted and loyal their partners. They hate flirting around and believe in a long time relationship.
If they are asking you out then that means they truly want to spend the rest of their life with you. Believe them when it comes to love. They are passionate lovers who expect security and love from their partners. Taurus is faithful and submissive. They will kneel down to their lovers and do anything to make them happy even if it means to let go of their needs.

Best career options for Taurus

Because of their strong work ethics and observant nature, Taurus can excel in their careers such as politician, musician, gardener, banker architect etc. There are many more options available for Taurus; they just need to understand what they want to do.

Positive and negative traits of Taurus

Taurus is ambitious, sensual and creative. Because Venus is ruled by the Goddess of beauty, they see beauty as no one else can. They are loyal and trustworthy. They are independent and are driven by sensuality. They are very faithful when it comes to fulfilling their promises in a relationship.
They are ambitious and put in their 100% to excel in their field. There are generous in nature when it comes to helping others and spending money but they do know how to save something for themselves.
On the other hand when it comes to relationship, they find it hard to trust people and are very stubborn in their views. They are very lazy and may do things when they wish to do. You can spend your entire day asking a Taurus to complete a task but they will do only when they feel like.
They have a very narrow outlook and perception. They fail to understand the view of other people and try their best to prove themselves right. They are possessive in nature which can sometimes can hurt their partners and feel pride in what they do.


Taurus makes great friend and lovers too. Their loyalty and trustworthiness cannot be found amongst other zodiac signs. So if they really tell you they love then believe them. They try their best to make a relationship work no matter what limits they have to cross.