Scorpio dates, traits and meanings


Date range: October 23 – November 21
General characteristic: Negative sign, woman
Element: Water
Quality: Fixed (stability)
Colors: Red, purple
Gems: Hematite, topaz
Metals: Iron, steel
Best day: Tuesday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Taurus
Ruling Planet: Pluto



Scorpio is the most powerful, profound, and intense characters in the zodiac signs. Even when they seem to be calm and self-controlled there is a hidden intensity of emotional energy in their temperament. They’re just like a volcano – not far under the calm surface of the sea. And a volcano can bust up anytime. But people who are specifically perceptive will be aware of the immense forcefulness, magnetic intensity, harnessed aggression, and strange attitude under the watchful composure of a Scorpio. Scorpio is pleasant in any conventional social gathering, thoughtful in conversations and can stand up a one, reserved and dignified, yet courteous and polite.
Scorpio holds penetrating eyes which can make their companion naked in front of him – completely defenseless and helpless. In their regular behavior, they show the appearance as being withdrawn from center of an activity. A Scorpio always looks for perfect self-discipline, because they have the ability to recognize qualities and perfection in themselves – making them different from other people. Tendency and willpower of Scorpios are amazing, depth of their character and passionate behaviors make them considerably more attractive. However, a Scorpio is deeply emotional and sensitive; yet they can easily be moved by their emotions.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Scorpio

Scorpios are loyal and trusted friends. They can accomplish anything in life; success is must for a Scorpio. They have complete control in their environment and surroundings. They like to live on their own and love independence. Scorpios hold an amazing personality and that’s magnifying and clear. These qualities make a Scorpio special than ever. The greatest aspects in a Scorpio are his loyalty and compassion.
Scorpios are straightforward, they’re not showy and wasteful, and Scorpios make exceptional decisions when it comes to business and financial. Scorpios leaves coolest impressions ever, they’re quiet, seductive, brave, and can attract everyone like a magnet. Scorpios gives their self-respect a great priority and can stand strongly on what they believe in. Scorpios are able to stand up to difficult situations and will not regret or bend to pressure.
Scorpios are well-known for their jealousy and possessiveness; they’ll try to let you know who the boss is. They love to be in control of their world. They will straightforwardly let you know if you hesitate to trust them.

Scorpio in relationships

Scorpio is known as the most passionate lover among all zodiac signs. They radiate sexuality and consider closeness seriously. Scorpio is always in search of a smart and loyal partner that can fulfill his desires of a happy life. However, once they fall in love, they’re extremely serious and loyal till the end. Though, creating new relationships seems to be a tough task for them. As a father, Scorpios have a pretty stern appearance that makes them look strict. Children feel difficulty in understanding the affection of their father that is hidden behind the hard exterior.
As a mother, Scorpios have soft feelings and healthy blend of heart for their children. The Scorpio children will obey their parents and will be a very obedient one. Mostly Scorpio born children are quite attached to their families. A Scorpio will usually be very strict and hold hot temperament. He will make his employees follow strict rules with devotedly. Without giving freedom to employees, he would ask for exceptional results.

Positive traits of Scorpio

Scorpio holds powerful self-barrier; they scratch themselves to reach perfection. They prefer authentic understanding and are born to rule. Scorpios are rated by astrologers as the one who takes secrets to their graves. They’re no doubt good at psychology and will work hard to reach the height of skies. A Scorpio prefers to work individually and possesses a private destination of information which they have ability to use for great effect.

Negative traits of Scorpio

The same traits described in positive ones turn negative when things get unusual. The very same positive ability can turn into a disaster. They’re so much secretive. They can react badly when they feel jealous. They basic negative traits of Scorpios are as follows:

• Scorpio feel jealousy
• They hold scheming
• They’re malicious
• They’re extremely secretive
• And they’re cunning

Besides negative traits, abilities of Scorpio may surprise you a bit but in a positive way.