Sagittarius dates, traits and meanings


Date range: November 22 – December 21
General characteristic: Positive male
Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable (flexibility)
Colors: Blue, navy
Gems: Turquoise
Metals: Tin
Best day: Wednesday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Gemini
Ruling Planet: Jupiter


Strengths of Sagittarius

People who are ruled by Jupiter are wanderers and love their freedom. They hate being bound and tied in one place. They are courageous and optimist. Sagittarians see life with a larger perspective and want to live it to the fullest. They love traveling and exploring new places.
They have their own, strong views and are not easily influenced by others. These people are trustworthy and expect others to be honest with them as well. They are open to new ideas and changes and are generous. They love helping people in need and are adventurous. Sagittarians are spiritual and can distinguish between right and wrong easily. They are enthusiastic, opportunity seekers and jump to grab a new opportunity which they find will be good for them without wasting their time.

Weaknesses of this sign

Well apart from all the enthusiasm, Sagittarians are impatient people. Because they don’t let opportunities let past the, they sometimes end up taking the wrong decision for themselves. They are the worst organizers and messy amongst all the other zodiac signs. They are too lazy to even pick up their dirty shirt from the couch and put it in the laundry. It could take up to weeks for things to pile up before Sagittarians will bother to organize them properly.
These fun loving, free spirited people get bored quickly if they have to spend a few hours doing the same thing in the same place. They are over-confident and inconsistent. Because of their blunt and straightforward nature, at times they speak the wrongs words at the wrong place and create trouble for themselves.

Sagittarius and relationships

Because of their out-going nature, Sagittarius are easy to fall in love with. People who posses this sign are true lovers and once they find the love of their life, they will do everything in their might to make them theirs. They are open about their feelings and will never try to hide what they want to say. Sometime their straightforwardness can hurt their partners.
They are intense lovers who are always planning surprises for their loved ones. They are adventurous and fun loving and want a partner who shares the same qualities. So if you fall in love with a Sagittarius then get ready to be pleasantly surprised every day.

Best career options for Sagittarius

Sagittarians loves working in a place that has light and friendly atmosphere. Some of the best career choices for them can be publisher, clergy, animal trainer, importer, college professor etc. If they choose a career according to their strengths they will definitely excel in it.

Positive and negative traits of Sagittarius

Sagittarians have big hearts. They always have their arms open for the needy people and can go to any extreme to help them. They are optimistic and have a positive approach towards every situation. They are highly energetic, enthusiastic and adventurous people. They love traveling, exploring new places and are open to changes.
On the other hand they are careless and get bored easily if they are asked to do the same thing every day. Sagittarians are impatient and fast decision makers due to which they can sometimes they can end up in places not suitable for them. They are over-confident and blunt which can cause problem for them at times. People ruled by Jupiter are unorganized and can lose their things because they can misplace it easily.


Sagittarians are great partners and humans. They are honest in their dealings and want people to be equally honest with them. They are frank and fun to be around. A single Sagittarian can lighten up the mood of a party and never let you get bored because they themselves don’t like getting bored.