Leo dates, traits and meanings



Date range: July 23 – August 22
General characteristic: Positive male
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed (stability)
Colors: Golden, orange, red
Gems: Amber, beryl, yellow diamond
Metals: Gold
Best day: Sunday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Aquarius
Ruling Planet: Sun


Strengths of Leo

Leo are optimistic people and born leaders just like Aries. No one can beat them at communication and posses greater skills than them. They are very kind hearted and friendly. They are driven towards finding new opportunities, exploring new options and accept change easily.
These creative minded people make friend easily because of their friendly nature. They are loyal and faithful in relationships and very broad minded. They love having fun and try to enjoy their life to the fullest.
Leos are energetic and straightforward. Their positive energy can be felt by people around them and inspire them to strive for better things in life just as they do.

Weakness of this sign

On the other hand Leos are possessive in nature. They are headstrong with mulish in their views. It can take a lot of effort from someone to change the perception of a Leo. They can become jealous easily and are impatient. Just like Aries, when a Leo decides to get something done, they want it completed then and there. If something is not done on time they can become anxious and angry.
They are dominating in nature, egoistic and arrogant. Because they are born leaders they take pride in everything they do and keep their heads high up. they do not like people arguing or disagreeing with them. This can actually annoy them.

Leo and relationships

When it comes to relationships, Leos are loyal and faithful. They are honest with their partners and trust them completely. It can be hard for a Leo to start a relationship but once they commit to it, they remain faithful to their partners.
They can become insecure at times which can cause possessiveness and jealousy in them. They want to be loved back in similar manner as they love their partner. Leos are sensitive and emotional. They need to be nurtured like baby so that they can get hold of the relationship.
They are highly expressive when it comes to expressing their love and always pleasantly shock their partners with surprise. Sometime Leos can become dominating in a relationship and ask their partners to submit to them.

Best careers for Leo

Leos are head strong and outgoing so career options like acting, cardiologist, spokesperson, publicist, motivational speaker and consultant will suit them best. If they choose the right field for them, they will excel in their future and earn a lot.

Positive and negative traits of Leo

On the positive side, Leos are kind hearted who are always ready to help people in need. They are loyal, loving and caring people who will go to any limit to protect their loved ones. They have a positive approach towards life and see the best even in worst situations. There optimist approach keeps them going ahead.
They are honest in their dealing and energetic. They explore new opportunities and have amazing communication skills that no one else can beat. Once a Leo starts presenting his arguments, no one can defeat them in it. They are head strong and broad minded. They can take decision on their own for their benefit and accept change with open arms.
On the other hand they can sometimes become stubborn and sarcastic. Because of the hot sun ruling over it, Leos are moody and can lose temper easily. They have jealousy in their nature and have dominating personality. They are impatient and egoistic nature can sometimes make them suffer in relationships.
Leos are self centered and prefer their need over others but most of the time they try their best to help others as well. The drastic changes in their mood can sometimes become difficult to handle and then can easily get annoyed by little things.


Leo and Aries share almost the same traits because both of them are ruled by fiery planets. They are hyperactive and anxious personalities but are great leaders.