Virgo March 2017 Horoscope

Virgo March 2017 Horoscope


The horoscope indicates a period of change and transition. March will mark the beginning of intense and rapid transformations in the life of Virgo. Change will be constant for a period of time; new things will appear in your life.
Ambitions and career successes will prevail over emotional issues and those related to home and family. You will consistently pursue professional goals and you will own responsibility, not depending on others.

Relationships and love

Social activity will be very stimulating this month. You will go to events and parties and extend friendly relations.
You and your partner will feel the need for more independence and partial release from obligations. If you do not have children, in this time you do not care to have this kind of initiative. If you are in a squeaky relationship from a while, it’s possible to end this month, especially that already appears a new one on the horizon.
Venus and Mercury are present in the house of love. If you are single, you will meet a lot of opportunities to find a partner. But you’re in a period of instability and still not feel the need to establish a serious lasting relationship.


Astral predictions for March show that, in career, you’re in a great period. You should get courageously any change in your work specifics or business.


Predictions suggest that it would be better to change your financial strategies with less risky ones and even accept a slight decline in revenues, in return for safeguarding and acquiring a steady rhythm.
You will pay attention to the interests and income of your partner, supporting projects and replacing in household duties. This will be good for family income. Although you will pay taxes and other debts to state, this will not affect your comfort.


Until around the 20th of March, your health will be oscillating, there will be some disturbances. You need more rest, often breaks and compliance for food needs. After this date, your vitality will improve considerably. Being a period of turmoil and change, you will have to pay special attention to maintaining emotional balance.