Libra March 2017 Horoscope

Libra March 2017 Horoscope


The horoscope draw attention for ensureing a balance between career and personal life, including emotions. Originally, family and emotions will be dominant.
Relations will be stronger towards the end of March. Then you’ll find yourself in an ideal situation in which you’ll value your social intelligence and innate abilities to bind relations.

Relationships and love

Until the eve of 20th of March, your family will manifest some reservations about your partner. Things will be much better after that date. You can, even, to plan a pregnancy.
If you are single, a partner may appear from family circles or groups of friends that you see in weekends, at a show or a sports competition. Love is manifesting impulsive this month, with major sudden decisions: marriage or, contrary, breakup.
Your social life will be very active, and your social relations will expand considerably, with people in all areas: from industry to spirituality, or artists.


This month, the planets are favorable for finding a job, if you’re looking one. If you have a business, it will provide an opening that will substantially alter the fiscal value.
After the 20th, Mercury do not helps as much in communications. If you can choose, plan your travels for business or professional interests until this date.
You need hard work to achieve your objectives. Partial eclipse of Sun, on March 26, may determine the need for a job change or getting a better opening deal.


Improves of your financial situation will come after mid-month, but with the condition you do some work for that. For example, do not make expenses that are not necessarily helpful and threatening your budget. The temptation to spend liberally this month, that you feel, should be reined in.


Predictions about your health does not indicate anything special until the last week of the month. You will be energetic and lively as usual. To the end of the month you have to pay more attention to diet and rest. If you’ll feel confused and uncomfortable, the best is to do several sessions of Reiki therapy.
This month you will devote more time than usual to your physical appearance and be more demanding on yourself. This is due to a partial Moon eclipse which exacerbates energies. If you’re afraid to get fat, try to go as far as walking, step alert.