Leo March 2017 Horoscope

Leo March 2017 Horoscope


Horoscope detects the presence of all planetary powers in the north of your zodiacal map. Notable events will occur in your professional area, while home and family issues even the emotional ones will remain on second place.
The relations and partnerships are very strong for Leo. Social skills will count more than individual initiative and hard work. Collaborations and attracting the interests of others in your projects will be very useful.

Relationships and love

According to astral projections, the first week of March is favorable for starting a new relationship. Compromises are necessary for the relationship to work. You will be inclined to take time to analyze and eliminate unnecessary social contacts. This will save you much time and energy in the future.
Marriages could be strengthened by the initiative to have a child, or even birth, where is the case.
You will need to reflect on the true meaning of friendship and on the spiritual value of friendly relations.
Eliminate as many superfluous objects from the house to promote positive energy flow.


Astral predictions put the spotlight on your career where important changes will happen. These, however, will not happen by itself, but only as a result of your intensive work.
It is possible to change your job, to find extra work, or make a major change in the current job. Emotionally speaking, everything will be under control, which is excellent given by the intensity and the rhythm you’ll work.
It may appear even the possibility of a professional interest travel and/or a vocational training program.


Horoscope predicts an improvement of the financial situation from external sources: either a scholarship or a prize, or from extra professional activity.
There is a relation between travel and income: either you’ll get money from abroad or you’ll gain from an activity performed away.
Your partner will also help to material wealth. Towards the end of the month, Mercury will travel, the professional and the financial effervescence will quench.


You’ll have high vitality and much power of concentration. You could try to abandon harmful habits, some addictions. Also, it’s good to pay attention to the emotional state and try to balance your energies, either through a specific therapy or meditation and breathing exercises.