Gemini March 2017 Horoscope

Gemini March 2017 Horoscope


Horoscope for Gemini attracts atention that this month, the career is very strong. Best aspects will regard the progress and professional achievements. Planetary configuration is not as favorable for home and family.
This month, Gemini will manifest independence and boldness, will take courageous decisions and will progress towards the goals. After 20th, however, Mecury is not in favorable positions; after this date, take caution regarding decisions and actions.

Relationships and love

In March, Mercury and Jupiter are not too favorable. Your life will not be disturbed in particular, but you will feel uncertainty and lack of control over the course of events. Should rather be patient for things to settle in time.
If you are single, you will have many opportunities for new relationship. You may consider a meeting with the former.


It looks like you’ll have the opportunity to travel in professional interests and to improve your knowledge and skills through training. This will materialize later in career.
This month is an ideal time to put the new knowledge in application. You will also have the required power of persuasion over your bosses. In your professional status it will be some changes that will prove favorable.


It will not be a great month for finance. The balance between earnings and expenses will be changeable. This annoying situation will last until 22 March, when Saturn will change its position. You will have to delay major expenses until the end of the month.


The predictions are divided: until the middle of the month you will manifest usual sensitivities, especially dermatological and respiratory. In the second part, you’ll find yourself and the natural remedies that you’ll use will begin to show results. Also, you’ll return to the characteristic shape and you’ll have more energy.