Capricorn March 2017 Horoscope

Capricorn March 2017 Horoscope


The horoscope establishes that this month home and family will be more requiring than career. Jupiter does not have favorable position for your career. Take advantage of respite to communicate and interact more with your family, to consolidate harmony in house.
Any independent action you want to enterprise and any decision you want to take on your own, should materialize by the end of March. After that it depends on others.
80% of planets will aggregate in your zodiac sign this month, which will cause great commotion. This contradicts your need of calm and organization, one more reason to work on your own and to reduce at minimum possible interactions with others.

Relationships and love

Love will enter in a confusing area, due to the influence of Saturn. For the most part of March, conditions are created for an affair, then, your existing intrigue will be tested.
Family, children or a possible pregnancy will keep you busy this month.
If you are single, you will have few opportunities to start a romantic and sexual relationship in the social environment in which you will rotate.


Moon eclipse of March will aggravate the problems of your life. You will have difficulties in relations with your bosses. Are possible changes in your job profile or job change itself.
If you have a business, you will orient in a new direction that will diversify your activities.


Due to the favorable influence of Mars, this month, you will sit very well with money. This will give you the courage to invest or to make an important purchase. Family will encourage you to put your plan into action.
If you think about a purchase that requires negotiation, postpone it until after 20 March, when you will have maximum ability in communication.


Until 20th of the month, your health will be at its peak. Thereafter, you will need to focus more than usual on energy conservation and vitality.
Also in the last month decade, you’ll need to take care in the relations with others and with yourself, because you will be agitated and emotionally fragile.
If you think about a diet change, 20th March should find you already accommodated with the new regime, otherwise, you will have troubles and you will not get the desired results.