Aquarius March 2017 Horoscope

Aquarius March 2017 Horoscope


The horoscope for this period indicates a power accumulation of self. Mars is favorable to you. In this context are resulting force and dynamism. The month can be profitable if you are involved in athletics or sport in general. You are, however, prone to huff and intolerance against those who seem to get in the way.
Passion and sensuality will dictate this month until the end of the period. After this, you will refocus on the intellectual aspects of life. You will have an opportunity to widen the horizon of knowledge.
Life will be appeased until March 20, after which you resume the hectic rhythm of changes. Even you’re overwhelmed by all the changes you are witnessing, in which you are more or less involved, you feel very good.

Relationships and love

This month provides you many opportunities for lonely Sagittarians. You might stumble upon love where you least expect it: in a professional or an academic plan. If by the 20th of the month you interested in a relationship that will give you practical satisfaction, thereafter you’re more interested for the intellectual aspects of a potential relationship.
Early March can come up with an emergency situation in the existing relationship. You will need to take an important decision for your partner. Being a period of turmoil and confusion, it will create more discussion and less results. If possible, postpone the decisions until after the 20th, when the energies get lower.


This month is not a significant period for career. Happy coincidence would be if you have a sporting career or if you will be requested to work on field or in displacements. This is because Mars will equip you with physical energy, in fact, with a real restlessness that will not let you stand still.
Choose your tasks simpler that does not require much time restraining in office. Take short breaks when you feel the need.


This month, the money will come in time and you’ll be able to pay some postponed payments. Pay what has priority until 20th because after that date, you’ll be tempted to spend easier on things less important.
Also, you will be tempt to spend for your social activities and your partner. Your financial strategies require slightly corrections. The Solar eclipse of this month will help to put your house finances in order.


For March, the forecasts say only good things about your health. You are on the right track with diet and lifestyle.
A detox can give excellent results in the first and last week of the month. Cinnamon and flax seeds are indicated for your diet.