Sagittarius March 2017 Horoscope

SagittariusĀ March 2017 Horoscope


Sagittarius horoscope for March 2017 indicates a prevalence of domestic and emotional concerns over the professional ones. March is suitable for major repairs in the house and beautify the interior.
Personal initiative and self-will will have a lesser role than social skills and charm in the relations with others. Your rest will be based on actions that you made before this period. By mid-month, it is posibble, you may be involved in a social project which will finish at the end of the month.

Relationships and love

Love will flow easily and naturally until the 20th of the month. The positions of the planets will complicate things thereafter. You will need to reevaluate and update both the love and sexuality, as they went for a while by itself, without much attention from you.
In March you’re not quite intuitive and sure of yourself to enter into a relationship or planning a pregnancy. Wait the period what follows…


This month career will pass on second place. But will not stagnate. Even if the work rhythm and progress will slow, you will have time to review your strategies and professional objectives or business goals. Do not make changes and do not take important decisions, but prepare theoretically.


Under the influence of Saturn, your material situation will be slightly fluctuating. Financial intelligence will not betray you, so you’ll see for yourself that it’s not a good time for investments and not the time to apply for the credit contract that tempts you.
The progress regarding money will depend from social contacts, colleagues or classmates, if you’re still in studies.


Your health requires more attention until March 20. You can keep in good shape if you clever organize your work and plan a short holiday or long weekends, relaxing. The last part of the month, you will get back in shape and feel attracted to more demanding activities, such as a party, a trip or a sport.