Gemini dates, traits and meanings


Date range: May 21 – June 20
General characteristic: Positive male
Element: Air
Quality: Mutable (flexibility)
Colors: Blue, yellow
Gems: Agate, aquamarine
Metals: Mercury
Best day: Wednesday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Sagittarius
Ruling Planet: Mercury


Strengths of Gemini

Dual personality people as symbolized by the twins, you will never know which side of the personality are you talking to. They are funny, witty and friendly. Gemini’s just love talking that sometimes it becomes hard to make them stop. No matter if you are a stranger or someone close by. Gemini will never hesitate in starting a conversation.
They are compassionate and accept changes easily. They resist less to new situations and adapt to everything. They are jolly and soft hearted who have excellent communications skill. They can easily convince you with their words and make you fall for them. They can easily impress other because of their kind heart that is always seen forward in helping those in need.
Because of their out-going nature they can find love and make friends easily. Geminis are good listeners only if they give you a chance to talk. You will never get bored in company of a Gemini because they will keep telling you stories from their childhood to the latest weather forecast. They are very straight forward and open about their lives, even if you have met them for the first time, they will introduce themselves within minutes.

Weakness of this sign

Gemini is every restless and confused all the time due to which they are unable to make the right decision on time. And because of this they sometime let go of some great opportunities. They run away from commitments and that’s why when they fall for someone, they really mean it.
They are never serious in life which can annoy others. Even serious situations seem funny to them which can be quiet irritating for the people around them. They lazy and never reach a place on time.

Gemini and relationships

Unlike other zodiac signs, people who are born Gemini can fall in love pretty easily but they avoid long time commitment. Once they commit, they become wonderful lovers and don’t demand anything in return for their love.
They are not only good lovers but great friends as well. Gemini is good listeners and can find variety of topics to keep the conversation going. And because of their jolly and witty nature, finding love is not a problem for them. They are loyal and faithful so if you have a partner who is a Gemini, then you have a relationship of a lifetime.

Best career options for Gemini

Because of their social and out-going natures, jobs that require field work and traveling are best suited for Gemini. Like journalists, talk show host, public relations manager, writer, guide and marketing experts. Any area that requires interaction with people will be excelled by a Gemini.

Positive and negative traits of Gemini

Geminis adapt to every kind of change. They are versatile in their dealings and broad minded. If they think a change is needed they will make sure it is implemented and they adapt to it easily. They are loyal and undemanding when it comes to relationships. They are humorous and lively who always try to entertain people around them with their jokes.
They have a soft corner for people who are in need and try their very best to help them in every way possible. They are soft spoken but very clever and intellect. You cannot win an argument from a Gemini with proper reasons.
On the other hands Gemins are stubborn, sarcastic and lazy. They are superficial, don’t pay attention to details of their work and that’s why lack consistency. They are always confused and cannot take decisions by themselves. They take up more responsibilities than they can handle so they become anxious and they get bored easily that’s why they may leave everything in the middle.


As shown by the twins, a Gemini has different personalities. Such people may be friendly at one time and sarcastic at the other, it is hard to judge which side of the personality will take over them.