Capricorn dates, traits and meanings


Date range: December 22 – January 19
General characteristic: Negative woman
Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal (activity)
Colors: Black, indigo
Gems: Black onyx
Metals: Plumbum
Best day: Saturday
Best for marriage and/or partnerships: Cancer
Ruling Planet: Saturn


The strengths of a Capricorn

Capricorns are practical and logical people. They try to solve every problem with rationality. They are highly intelligent and kind hearted. Capricorns are caring, loving, calm and soft spoken. They can never hurt a person’s feelings no matter how much they suffer themselves.
People ruled by Saturn are wise and don’t believe in fantasies. They are ambitious and can do anything to achieve their goal, make their dreams come true. Capricorns are very patient and are never in a hurry to complete their task or make decisions. They take every step cautiously because they don’t like to fail. Their discipline and intelligence it what drives them towards success.

Weakness of this sign

Capricorns have great communications skills but are too shy to speak up. They are not very frank and take their time to open up with people. Some people may even find them boring. They are pessimistic and have a negative approach towards everything no matter how beneficial it could be for them.
They are stubborn in their views and it takes a lot of efforts from others to change what they think. They are always pre-occupied with their thinking and that’s why get detached from the crowd. Capricorns have a tendency to over think about a situations as how it will affect them which make them avoid gatherings usually. Sometime they can get moody but their mood swings are easy to handle.

Capricorn and relationships

Capricorns are choosy lovers. They do not easily fall for someone. They like to take a relationship forward step by step and slowly. They are not impulsive and let time decide the course of their relationship. They are honest and loving and expect the same from their lover.
If you fall for a Capricorn, don’t expect too much romance or love conversations from them because Capricorns are private people. They are not good at expressing their feeling no matter how much they love someone. These people are loyal and compassionate. If they fall for someone, they will take care of them and love them from all their heart.
They are passionate lovers who would sometimes like to take control of their relationship and do everything in their might to protect their loved ones from harm. Even in relationships they tend to think more from their mind rather than listening to their hearts.

Best career option for Capricorns

Capricorns are wise and intelligent. They will excel in every field that will require them to use their brain and approach things practically like accountants, managerial consultant, real estate developer, financial planner, appraiser and many more.

Positive and negative traits of Capricorn

On a positive note, people whose sign has a symbol of a sea-goat are practical, wise and intelligent. They are extremely calm and composed. They do not lose their temper easily until there are annoyed beyond their limit. They are kind hearted, soft spoken and hold strong views about things.
They are honest, loyal and sensitive. When they fall in love, they put in all of their efforts to make the relationship work. Their ambitious and hardworking nature leads them towards fame and success.
On the other hand Capricorns can be moody sometimes and are stubborn in their point of view. It is hard to defeat them in an argument and change their perception. They have excellent communication skills but are too shy to speak in front of a crowd. Sometime these people can act as snobbish carelessly. They are over thinkers and can exaggerate the consequences within their thoughts. Because they are always engrossed in thinking something, they get detached from others and find it hard to make friends quickly.


Capricorns are the most calm and composed sign amongst the other zodiac signs. They are intelligent and hardworking as proven by most of the celebrities who are Capricorn too.